FREE UP STORAGE. I Can't download app - not enough storage available

I have a Fire TV and have downloaded a VPN and KODI. It’s been working fine but recently I tried to download NETFLIX and couldn’t because of limited storage.
I’ve gone through each APP and cleared the data and cache on many of them…but still don’t have enough space. IS THERE A WAY TO GET RID OF THE AMAZON APPS on the firestick that I don’t use? Any other tricks to open up storage?

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Most FireTV’s have like 6gb storage if I’m correct, which is even less than the tiny 8gb on the Firestick. Amazon apps are locked, we talk about that here almost daily. You can try TDUK Debloat Tool, but it doesn’t clear much anymore. I would recommend you invest in a box that has more storage and hook it up to your FireTV HDMI port if you insist on running Kodi.

Thanks for your advice…isn’t there a way to “offload” some apps onto a storage device? Looking for instructions on how to do that.

The quick answer is “probably yes”, but whether it’ll be possible and what method you’d have to use depend on what version of the Fire OS it is.

To be honest, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you ourchased a seperate streaming stick or box. They’re are good inexpensive options available.

Get an OTG cable and sandisk 16 GB USB drive. Install the otg cable. Start up the Firestick. Once on home screen, plug in the Sandisk and follow the on screen prompts to format the drive.

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Hey Miki my friend… I think that the OP was asking about a Fire TV, not a stick.

Along these lines, ‘smart TVs’ are a dumb idea IMO.

Amazon Fire devices all suffer from a lack of internal memory and bloatware you can not get ride of. Many of us here at Troypoint found out about this early on when we got into streaming and bought Fire sticks and Fire TV devices. We would recommend that you ditch the Fire devices, bite the bullet and buy a good quality streaming box with either stock android or android tv operating system, and 4gbs of RAM together with 32 gbs or more of internal memory. That will give you plenty of space for your streaming and system apps along with much more freedom to download what you want. It will also save you a bunch of headaches in having to constantly clear your caches.

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He did start off by talking about a fire TV and then closer to the end he says “Firestick”. So i figured he meant FireTV as an OS. But who knows. Haven’t heard a reply.


I did mean Fire TV……thanks.

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Ahh ok tx. fireTV OS is the same across the board. But as has been mentioned TVs can have even less storage space and often a chipset that isn’t that powerful. Not to mention that TVs like Samsung come with Tizen so ya need to learn a bit of that OS for setup. But that isn’t to difficult. Even though I use smart tvs I never use their OSs as I prefer to plug in devices like the 4k Max or the cube. I simply let the TV act as a monitor, certainly a top notch one, but still just a monitor. Both the Max and 3rd gen cube are easy to add storage to. Of course there is Android, androidTV and GoogleTV, but all have their limitations and personally I prefer the FireTV OS. As for ads, Google and Amazon are no different from each other, but I never see these so called ads as I go straight to streaming after checking VPN is active and connected. So the short answer is, add a streaming device with all the storage you need, to start, or add a device which allows easy storage addition.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

Hey Miki! Thanks for the advice. I have a 4K Max and will just plug it into the Amazon Fire TV and hopefully will have more working memory.

Troy has a bunch of articles on expanding storage on the 4k Max. It’s pretty straight forward. Heck even I figured it out, so can’t be all that hard. Have a wonderful day.

As Miki suggested, you really need to expand the memory on your 4k Max if you want to avoid your present problem in the future. It’s not difficult to do and can cost less than $10 to do it.