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Oh a fellow Canadian :slight_smile:

I am sorry about posting this here but whenever I post a new topic, I get an error that says I cannot post more then 2 questions as a new member.
I joined and paid for patron a week ago and have not been able to post any topics or contact anyone about the problem.

You are a patron. The system is based upon discourse. New members are limited to what they can do until trust is established and certain goals achieved. As you learn your way around the site and time progresses you are given more freedom to interact with the site and members. If you wish to understand how to achieve these levels then read up on discourse. Study the site, use the search, investigate your settings and what you can do. Achieving certain goals gives you added trust points and your restrictions begin to lessen. Interact with others, watch and learn. Eventually you will discover how to earn your freedoms and soon you will be totally immersed in this hobby and the site.
Search Is Your Friend...!


Hello, new forum user and Patron member here from Scotland. Just wanted to say thanks to Troy and all the regulars here for an absolute mountain of info and advice for those of us fairly new to all this streaming malarkey and still figuring a lot out. I have been trying A LOT of new things thanks to all your tips on here.