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Okay so I just subscribed. Thanks for that. How to discuss in the Lounge, Please. I have questions about Start Mail and if I have a heads up about things I become aware of.

Just scroll down the list on the left side and click on channels and then 'Founders/Patrons Lounge. Then post your question.

You can also start a topic about ‘Start Mail’ and open it to everyone. That would be my way to go. That way you will get a lot more responses. I, personally, don’t know too much about Start Mail, although I have heard of it, and I believe a few folks use it here in the Insider.

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hello i need help real bad i cannot not figure out how to post a thread on troypoint insider? I want to know why i cn not in stall the promise addon on kodi now, i have the promise on 2 other fire sticks working great, but when i try to install on another firestick with kodi 20.2 useing https://tinyurl.com/TWHrepo it will not install? I go on troypoint and it tell u to use tinyurl? please help nis promise down and why does it still work flawless on other devices


Hello, is there anyway an admin can contact me please? Thank you

PM message them if it is serious! If you are ill dial 911!

Thank u for everything iam new to this i been following troypoint for long time good job on everything

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Troy, Thank you for all of your shared information and guidance. I’ve been a member for over 12 years now, with both of my email addresses. I have learned so much. Just want to say, your are very much appreciated. Every time I try to place IP Vashish on my phone, there are certain things I am unable to do on my phone because of the IPVanish, so I deleted the VPN from my phone. It’s on all TV’s and tablets, but doesn’t do well on my phone. Just an FYI. Can you provide information about the IPTV. I can’t find it. Does it provide local news channels according to states?
Again, thanks for everything.

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top site good people :+1:

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Hi Troy. I have always been a founding member and today I donated 20.00 to take a look at the new Iptv you talk about. Now I see I’m a patron. I don’t mind the donation but would still like to be a founding member? Have I lost the founding member status?
Thanks so much for all your work to keep this going

I was messing around with the 'Flair" feature the other day and lost my Patron flair in the process. I still have access to all the TP features. So that is really all I care about.

Apparently, the ability to add a Flair back is a bit corrupted. Not a biggie for me.

Hey I like your trophy flair. That’s cool.

The promise as far as I know has been discontinued. If you already have it installed on a device, enjoy it while it lasts as it is no longer being developed. The warehouse repo is presently https://th3l48.github.io/TheLab/7

Note: in (th3l48) after the 3 is small l (L) not the number one (1)

You will notice promise is no longer available.

Yeah, i was screwing around with the Avatar flairs and clicked on this thing. Now my Patron Flair is missing. There’s no option to go back. So, choose wisely,…lol

Hey your skills are certainly way beyond me. I wouldn’t have a clue where to even begin. You are a visual effects guru in my book.

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Thank you guys for everything during the years I have read your posts. I seem to echo the posts of other troypoint users and wish you well in the future…Thank you, Neal1

How can we subscribe using something other than credit card?

I have an ignorant question. I searched for answer but may have overlooked it.
Is there a word or character limit to posts? If so what is the limit? Thanks