Formuler Z11 Pro Max my fantastic piece of equipment has turn into a piece of junk

I reset my Formuler Z 11 Pro Max back to factroy and downloaded update now my fantastic piece of equipment has turn into a piece of junk. will not download any thing. I have had a firestick for 15 years I know all about allow. downloaded downloader it will not download any thing from any where but google play store. it will not allow a backup to be installed,will not allow apps from unknown placeses to be installed, will not allow apps from a usb to be installed.
Having buffering want to record and watch without buffering good luck
I almost forgot to say I downloaded Troypoint it will not download anything from anywhere but from google play store.
isn’t that a kick in the backside.
I would like my money back

DO NOT go back to factory reset

This is kind of funny the new update put Google on it I have a years sub. to IPVanish
this has about 5 VPN s to choose from, no IPVanish, can only download from these 5, Google is in fed. court now about Monopoly charges.
Makes ya wonder how much money did GOOGLE pay Formuler to turn there fantastic equipement into a piece of junk.

I’m having a similar problem with the Downloader version from the TP Toolbox.

When I try to download anything, I’m getting a “check the URL” error message.

I haven’t had a chance to examine my security settings or to look for an older version of Downloader yet.

I suspect that your problem isn’t your device, it’s with Downloader or your security settings.

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Downloader is working fine on fire stick.

this comes from a Forumler Z 11 Pro Max update

if Its downloader why can’t I download anything but apps from google on troypoint?

Just checked my Z11 it’s running ok.
Current IPTV version 11.2.24
Current service version 11.2.1
Current tuner version 11.2.2
Current storage version 10.10.31

Not sure what’s going on :person_shrugging:

reset to factroy, downloader update.

did troypoint download google on his equipement?

I’ve had my Z11 Pro Max for a couple of weeks and I’m returning it. Not for the reasons you’ve stated, but because you can’t save to external USB in Tivimate and there are big problems when using auto frame rate. It will routinely treat 25 FPS streams as though they are 30 FPS (putting the TV into 60Hz, not 50 as it should do). The same streams put the TV into 50hz on both my Firestick and Buzztv box.

I can’t recommend this device. Seems they have a lot of issues to resolve.

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I’d venture to say the problem is neither downloader, the box or any app but rather proper setup. I would go back to the start of TP’s “jailbreak” tuts and start there.

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I said I have had a firestick for 15 years I know all about allow

IP address is DHCPshare folder

do you have any Idea how many permissions buttons there is on a formula z 11 Pro Max?

turn off play protect and android auto updates, then go to troypoint and download downloader and carry on

did that come on you people can do better than that

I have had IPTV for about 6 years know. I know how it works I’ve had formuler for about 6 mo. still learing.

What does this question even mean?


With the confusing info you’re giving, I don’t know how far sarcasm will go when somebody offers help.

I do know roughly how many permissions are on a Z11 and whichever one it is, you’re missing something because everything is working properly on mine including downloader.


I will try that thanks. alread turned those off but hear goes.

My Fantastic piece of equipment turned into a piece of junk
Ok next day i’m in a little beter mood today start all over,I will try to it make easy to understand.
Reset Formuler back to factory default, a window opens up say when it comes up
ti will be all setup and ready to go.
it was all set up with Tivimate, My TV, downloader,Market, speed test, youtube.
Express VPN, Media browser, forumler remoute, and Unlinked.
I have a years sub. to IPVanish click on market no IPVanish.
Went into settings started going through permissions allow. didn’t work. went back
found some more permissions, went into every thing no more permissions to be
I’m like yuu, I have missed one, or more, somewhere I did however find how to download VOD in TiviMate.

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