Formuler Z11 Pro Max my fantastic piece of equipment has turn into a piece of junk

jimmy ask some question here your in the righ place to get help

George is gonna be upset…:rofl: ( just some illeisum, think George from Seinfeld)

I don’t download anything from the Formuler Market. I either grt it from Google Play Store or TP’s Downloader.
I just did a factory reset, and even rewatched TP’s setup for the Z11 Pro Max again to make sure i was doing it right.
Working flawlessly.

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Just a suggestion, when I was setting my Z 11 Pro max up I was pulling my hair out because I couldn’t find “Play Protect” anywhere to disable it, it is not in any of the settings. You have to log into the Google Play Store and you will find it in setting in the play store. hope this helps someone.

i’ve installed stuff from the Formuler market, and the google play store without incident
z11 pro max working flawlessly for me