Firmware update for Buzz x5

tivimate is easy to backup and restore, its the other stuff thats the prob

Countless hours put in to making this have everything that it has now trying to find the right version of an app that would work could take days sometimes. Not sure what l’ll do yet but I just cringe at the thought of it. :woozy_face:

My main 2 apps are tivimate and stremio…both offer easy backup/restore. With stremio you just need an account and its already saved…then tivimate a few clicks and backup created, same for restore.

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Maybe it’s time to sell it now and invest in something else. I like my X5 but I don’t have time for all that

Hey Papa…If you’re anything like me…just wait…a senior moment will present itself soon enough & you’ll be needing a factory reset…then you’ll be scratchin’ yer noggin’ trying to remember where you put that dadgum tiny l’il memory card. :roll_eyes: :eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I feel the exact same way and according to the book of @TXRon l’m seriously now thinking Nvidia and I’ve never gamed in my life.:sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

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I think he means shield…but I could be wrong :rofl:

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I hear that they are supposed to be coming out with a new shield I don’t know what they can do to it but it would be nice if it was rooted but I think that is wishful thinking

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You’re bang on Nvidia not nintendo, buzz has got me on scramble brain now.:roll_eyes:


Cant root it and remain certified, so nope :sunglasses:

Just wishful thinking :pray::sob:

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I had an issue with my Formuler last night where my channels disappeared from my categories. I asked in the Formuler forums and someone replied immediately that it’s a known issue until you update to the new beta. Gave me the directions on how to do it and bam…done. Easy peasy

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The Buzz tv box is very good. I downloaded an app that corrupted the ability to add app or storage.
Service was great, returned box, they reloaded, mailed
back in a couple days.

Caution, they recommend google and aptoide and of course Troypoint.
Trusted sources only, be careful.

If you plan on using it on a Visio tv, the remote will not pair.

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