Firestick stuck on "FireTV" screen

Two of my three Firestick 4K’s are stuck on the loading screen. I can’t get into any apps or settings. I’m assuming this is due to some Amazon update? I’m running Wolf launcher, so if they’ve blocked that, I’m thinking it’s stuck in the loop trying to launch an app that the OS thinks isn’t there. But I have no way to switch it back to the factory home screen, so I can access settings and such.

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So completely removing the stick from the HDMI port and unplugging the power won’t clear it?

How to fix a Fire TV or Firestick stuck on the boot start up logo screen | AFTVnews.

It may be a factory reset time. Sorry.

No, none of that worked. How can I do a factory reset if I can’t get past the logo startup screen? I can’t get to any menus, like Settings.

Holding down the right direction button and the back button for up to 30 seconds on the remote, should initiate the factory reset regardless of what the stick is trying to do. Unplug the power, have your remote ready, plug the power back in and immediately click and hold the two buttons until you get the reset screen. That should bring up the reset screen. This may take several tries.

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.


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Up to 30 seconds ?
Thanks, I have 3 Firestick 4K’s that I have burnt while trying to develop DeBloat processes using trial & error mode & have been sitting in a drawer for maybe 3 years. If I can bring them back to life will give them away to young relatives for their bedroom TV’s.

Yes up to 30 seconds. I’ve had ones that took me 4 or 5 tries before the factory reset screen displayed with the timer.


Miki is correct…it may take a number of tries before it works…but when/if it does…you can say you disproved something Einstein stated :nerd_face: :astonished:

Insanity (185 x 104)

Got one of them to reset. The other one doesn’t want to, tried the Back/Right buttons several times. I ordered a Chromecast TV, just have to convince my wife she can live without TV until it gets here. I appreciate all the help.