Firestick storage

added extra storage but now it to hard to update apps don’t want to delete anything

Watch the TDUK and Troy’s vid and this should help you manage your storage better.


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I had the latest fire TV and I had to chuck it away because of the storage always being full. I tried to expand the storage with a USB but nothing worked. I switched to a shield and is never go back.

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I never had any issues with storage on any 4K max I programmed. Just a matter of learning how to keep it clean and expand storage if wanting to supercharge the stick. The Shield Pro has limited space, only about 12 GBs free. Even that can get eaten up quickly, depending on what you’re doing with it. I added a 256GB SSD as I test a ton of apps to learn their settings.

Storage not a problem unless your using a build that’s not lite build I have all movies and sports on mine and still have 2 gb of space

I played around with a powered hub, gig ethernet, 128Gb USB Drive, Mini KB with dongle. Now don’t forget with Ethernet the Micro USB allows a max of 480 Gbs down I believe, and this is where @MarkxG is absolutely right if the Stick you have has WiFi 6 then that’s definately the route to go. When I set up Kodi for other ppl, I always used one of Troy’s forks and just a few adons as I found keeping it on the Sticks internal storage it performed faster and smoother vs. being on the USB drive. The added advantage today is the use of tools like X-plore to move apps from the stick to the USB drive more easily, as well as removing some. That’s where those Vids from Troy and TDUK come in. Is it easy? Not at first, as you will be learning new techniques. But once you do it, a few times, it becomes pretty easy. I never did get into the latest Fire OS 8 stick, but even it should have around 10 GBs of space, so a full build on those will run much smoother on internal storage and having a USB Drive for storing APPs you only use occasionally is a bonus. I think the problems arise with huge expectations from Streamers, and the frustrations, that arise, when it isn’t simply plug and play.


I bought one of my sons a shield he loves it

Adopt me. I want to test that 16GM green monster P6. Come on Dad I need one. All my friends have one. Puuuullllease.

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i have added you to the waiting list :rofl:

Tx Dad. I knew having a pirate :parrot: for a dad would pay off one day.


love the sheild to !!!
but was run test on the fire stick i move some over but certain things like Netflix,sling ,etc… couldnt transfer . have you ever use this app called mixplorer??

I use X-plore.

yes I was tryinug another app at first until the video
I like to test other app to see if they measure up that all
just wanted a opinion on it

They all pretty much do the same thing. Just a matter of learning to use the one of your choice.

Maybe you need a external hard drive. I say this because the fire stick typically has limited storage and that can affect your streaming. I believe if you lower the amount of storage on your fire stick either with a external hard drive or delete your apps you really don’t use you will see a significant difference. I know I did when I eliminated a lot of apps I don’t really use. Good Luck!

thanks again to all my fellow patron for the great advice ! I like to test other apps now I’m using xplore

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This will help you understand all you can do with X-plore. It’s a lot and very advanced at times, but if you’re into learning then here ya go.