Firestick failure

I am having connection issues with my 1 year old Firestick 4K Max. It seems to work okay for a few weeks and then suddenly without warning it looses connection to my Linksys Mesh network. I’ve checked my network throughout my house and all of my 4 other Firestick 4K sticks stay connected and work perfectly, only the 4K Max looses connection. Sometimes I have to turn off the wifi connection on this stick, forget the connection, unplug the power to reboot, and setup a new connection to finally get this 4K Max stick to connect to the Internet again. This is becoming very frustrating so I am wondering if this Firestick could be defective and should I be reaching out to Amazon for a replacement?

Paging Firestick Dr @Miki Paging Firestick Dr @Miki :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Fire Marshall Miki must be takin a break for the holiday…

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

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Is the links putting out wifi6? Sometimes different devices perform different with routers etc. Check those settings and if possible either enable or disable wifi6. Also you might try swapping wifi channels? Just a few observations until Miki gets back from the beach :joy:

Have you tried switching from the 2.4HHz band to the 5GHz? Also if the router is close to your stick try ethernet.

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