Firestick 4K Max disappears at Amazon

If you look on Amazon’s site, the FS 4k Max is not shown for purchase. Guess the new stick is imminent. All the other sticks and cube are still listed for sale.


From my understanding the new Sticks with all the upgrades should be on Amazon the last week of Sept. I’m dying to see what upgrades there are. Until now, only rumours.


That being said, if you’re looking for a 4k max, the upcoming release of the new sticks has other resellers dropping pricing for current gen.

Plenty of inventory elsewhere.

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This is exciting news, just in time for the October Prime days. Hope the new one will be on sale.:clap::clap::clap:

I’m excited to see what’s new in both the hardware and programming. They may put them on sale to get them out there and in general use to find any flaws. Lets hope no new restrictions.

My guess is that the Firesticks will be only marginally improved from the current 4K and Max variants.

While stick form factor streaming devices seem to be stuck at the 8gb internal storage ceiling, I’m skeptical that this will improve with the new models.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if there’s a baby step bump in the cpu and gpu, similar to what they did with the 4K - > Max clock hikes.

My guess is that the relevant addon would be in wifi antenna. Bring on board wifi 6e from the cube would be a decent bet.

I’ll wait until they go on sale

Me to, but the specs will have to be a significant improvement for me to open my wallet.

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Me too, I still have a couple new unopened firesticks. I only buy them for myself.

Even a significant spec improvement may not always transfer into an equally improved streaming experience.

If you’re rocking a 4KMax now and you’re upgrading to a new model with a faster SoC and wifi 6E, this may not translate into anything that you’ll notice visually. You just end up with more overhead performance ceiling.

We’ll have to wait. The hardware improvements speak to significant improvements. But it’s all rumour and speculation. They’re holding their cards close to their chests. Visual improvements aren’t really what’s needed imho. The Max does that aspect quite well.


What improvements to the existing firestick would you like to see in the upcoming releases that would be considered significant?

Storage increase to say 16. Ram to say 3. an added usb port. Those are my top 3. It means the stick would have a small physical size increase.


WiFi 6E is only worth it if you have a 6E router…

Yep, that would be correct. Investing in a 6E router would only be worthwhile if your environment has elements in play that hampers the performance of the 2.4 and 5.0 ghz bands - device congestion or EMI issues.

In most cases, those bandwidth gains, if any, won’t be noticed in the course of streaming.

I bought a new 4k and side loaded some apps, but couldn’t find them after they were downloaded. Not on home screen or under apps. I returned it. Am I missing a way to make them appear?

I can see it for sale on the app

On Amazon’s site the Firestick 4k is for sale but not the MAX. Many retail outlets still have the 4k Max for sale (Best Buy, etc.) but I’d wait as a new Max is coming soon and the current generation should go on sale cheap when that happens.

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Does anyone know if you can sync your current fs to the new one or you have to side load everything again?

You will have to sideload those apps again.

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