Firestick 4K keeps rebooting

Two of my Firestick 4Ks keep rebooting on their own when we are watching TV on our Firestick. I have checked for updates and they are up to date. How do I fix this problem? Thanks!

Hello @rick.l.noll this usually happens for one of two reasons. 1. Your device is overheating. Try moving it away from the TV and I suggest using the HDMI extender that comes with it. Also, make sure that you are powering the device with the actual power adapter and not trying to power the unit from an available USB port on your TV. This will allow you to move it away from your television. 2. Uninstall all apps that you no longer use. Your storage could be getting full.


I experienced this with two separate fire sticks. Changed everything except the HDMI cable. Everything else was ok, just the HDMI cable was defective.


Same here, with one of mine, it was the Hdmi cable. Good luck.

I gave up on the fire stick 4 years ago due to the fatal flaws of limited RAM, minuscule internal memory storage and the stored proprietary Amazon apps you can never get rid of. These apps alone eat up about half of the firestick’s internal storage. That is a recipe for shutdowns and freeze ups. My advice is to buy a good quality open android device with at least a quad processor, 3 GBs of RAM and 32 GBs of internal memory. If you have to have a smaller stick device due to space limitations with your tv location, check out the s96x android stick on Utube. It has 4 GBs of RAM, 32 GBs of internal storage and runs on android 8.1 Very reasonable price also.

HDMI cable??? the fire stick plugs directly into my tv

Depending on your tv’s hdmi port location this could be a problem. Using the small hdmi extension shipped with the firesticks will allow you to move the stick away from the tv to allow better airflow and permit more cooling. Firesticks are known for overheating problems.