Fire tv stuck on logging in screen

I’ve tried side loading some new apps, and this afternoon my firestick is totally irresponsive. Its stuck on the fire tv logo and won’t do a thing. Think I may need, to restore it to factory settings and start again. But I have no idea how any help please

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That is odd. The very first thing I would do is to completely unplug your device. No power no hdmi and leave it sit for a minute or two. Then plug it all back in. This sometimes clears the frozen state. Let us know how you make out please.

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I’ve already tried that. It is still stuck

What device is this on. I’ll do some research and see if we can get you fixed up.

Its the first lite with Alexa It won’t even reset.

Ahh Firestick lite. Hmmm. Ok I’ve not had this happen and you can’t be the only one. My next suggestion is to power it down and when you start it up use the remote key combo to see if it will initiate the factory reset. Don’t worry about pressing anymore keys once it loads a screen, just wait for about 15 seconds and see if the auto initiate factory reset kicks in.

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I did note that some suggested trying another HDMI port. Do not use the hdmi extension but plug directly in.

So far. I’ve left it to try and load for 1/2 hour. Nothing.
I then unplugged it from the USB and humidity for for 10 minutes.
Restart my router. Unplugged my router.
No changes here.
Tried holding down the back key and right directional key for 10 seconds odd. Nothing.
Tried holding down the home button, a yellow flashing light… very fast. Which suggests a problem with the remote control. That’s as far as I’ve got so far.
I’ve also put new batteries in the remote on the off chance

Try a different hdmi port and a different tv.

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I’ve tried both hdmi ports so far. But I am now going to plug it in on my downstairs TV to see what happens, if anything. I’ll be back

I’ve tried the downstairs TV and its the same. Also tried to restore it to factory settings and its not responding

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Damn. I’ll keep looking but only one more suggestion. Leave it plugged in and running overnight and it may clear. I’m afraid I’m out of suggestions for the moment. On to more research.

Thank you for trying to help. I’m thinking with my limited knowledge that it may be 2 problems. 1 being the remote control. Holding down the home button it flashes yellow really fast … blinks. And the fact that it won’t restore to factory settings, I wondering if its not in sync . I’m thinking

I’ve been into hospital with amazon customer service and as its under warranty and not working they have said to return it it and they are sending a new one

Perfect. That’s the best solution yet. Sorry I couldn’t help. Merry Christmas