Fire tv stick no signal

Once again o turn to this site for answers
I have a fire tv stick that gives me a no signal message
I have tried other firesticks in the same hdmi that does work
I have changed cables
Tried unplugging and replugging
Watched some videos
They tell me to reset it but I can’t get into settings
Any advice?
Thanks as always

Hi @Splashking
So you’ve checked that your connections are snug, changed out cords, still same message. It there enough signal strength to power the device? Another idea would be to see if the power to your tv and device come from different sources.
Come back here and update us.

Thanks for responding
Honestly not sure how to power the device off?
I know it had worked on this hdmi an this tv before though

No worries, just sorry we aren’t any closer to getting this solved.
To power the device off is just to unplug and remove any cord that is connected to the device that is connected to any power source such as a wall outlet or power strip.
Do you know what generation your Firestick is by the way?

Make sure your firestick is getting power from a walloutlet and not the TV.

Your stick does need more power than the TV poet allows.

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I have tried different cables, I have unplugged and replugged numerous times, I not sure the generation but it looks like a square, not like the stick.
I have also tried it on other TVs and get the same result
Thank you both for helping


I understand your frustration. But while you where trying different connections did you plug the stick into a wall outlet? I’d do a factory reset plugged into a wall outlet.

Hard to tell what steps you did when you say I did everything… I tried different connections.

Again I very much understand the frustration. But to fully figure this out all steps need to be taken. It’s possible it’s a faulty unit. Can try contacting Amazon about it.

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Yea thank you I will try and contacting th
I’m sorry I didn’t clearly explain
I did try to disconnect the firestick from the outlet I also tried to to disconnect for the hdmi
I tried to unplug the tv than the firestick from tje tv than the outlet
Hope this helps

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If pluging it in to the outlet then using the hdmi cord and it’s still not working it may be faulty. Contact Amazon support on it.

Maybe they can replace it.

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I had the same problem. I unplugged it and let in set a few days, then plugged into another TV and it started working again.


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That does work as well, but that suggest your stick may have overheated which is why that worked.

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