Firestick issues

I have a 4x4 matrix switch, one of the Inputs is a FireStick 4K via an HDMI, not plugged straight in.
When I select that Input to send to a tv or ANY output,
I get no picture, sometimes a single string of pixels, sometimes a little more,
Like If I reboot the firestick by unplugging/re plugging I sometimes get the initial Logo but its frozen there,
I think the stick IS booted and running but the full signal is not coming thru.
Stick gets power from wall outlet.
If I bypass the Matrix switch and send the signal straight to the TV via HDMI it works fine, If i plug it into bedroom TV via HDMI it is fine.
I had a Fire TV Gen 2 on that same matrix switch Input for years with no problem.
If I route a ROKU thru the same Input via HDMI the ROKU works fine, so it’s NOT the matrix switch Input port.
I’m wondering if the output signal from Firestick4K is a little weak for some reason, is there a way to measure that??

Hi @Flt505
Sounds like you don’t have enough power to it.

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Apologies if you have tried this but I have missed it in previous messages.
Have you tried a different power adapter? It is possible that the one you have is faulty and is providing enough current to power the stick up but not enough to drive HDMI. Or there may be a fault in the cable giving some resistance which would reduce the voltage when the stick drew power. Worth a shot.

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