Fire toolbox for Fire Tablets

I have configured my new fire tablet 10+ with fire toolbox. is it okay to power it off and/or restart it? unfortunately I just received it after Black Friday and it came with the latest and greatest software version so there are issues with the fire toolbox launcher feature but it is better than nothing and having to use all the Amazon blotware. so the tablet isn’t unusable. I just want to make sure I can restart and/or power it off.

Thanks in advance.


If you did everything correctly then of course you can.


BLUF (BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT): can I restart my Fire tablet after using fire toolbox?

Hi again, let me explain this a different way if I can please. I purchased my Fire tablet 10 plus on Black Friday and received it this past Sunday. It came with and even with a factory reset it reinstalled with I went ahead and modified my tablet with fire toolbox knowing that it might not be 100% perfect. What did I have to lose… I can just do another reimage, right, no big deal (which I have done three times). There are three major issues having version and using fire toolbox:

  1. I could not disable OTA updates. Because of this the next two do not “stick”…
  2. novia launcher. Actually none of the launchers stick. But I like novia the best. It’s not a game changer because I can always click the novia app and it goes back to the novia configuration. But again you have to click it each time it goes back to the fire launcher.
  3. lock screen ads. Even though I removed lock screen ads they still come back after a while. I initially was connecting my tablet to my PC and disabling Lock Street ads through the fire toolbox again and again and again, but that got annoying so I just deal with it.

Again none of this is a game changer but I thought I’d make everybody aware that if you got a newer 10 or 10 plus tablet you’re getting version and cannot go backwards with it that I can figure out.

Finally, is it okay to restart or power down my tablet? Before I do so I just want to see if anyone else has had these similar or same issues dealt with it and has restarted their tablet without any further problems occurring?

Thanks in advance!

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My tablet was registered on November 19th and I have not experienced any of those issues.

I tried looking for a version build, but I found none. I found a build number in developer options: 0020367984516, but no version number.

Power cycling (On then Off) whether it be a cold boot (physically removing power) or a software restart in your case is fine. It may actually help.

Just remember this. Rebooting can fix a lot of unexplainable issues. This is as true for tablets and phones as it is for pc’s.

Remember the last time you rebooted and what has changed since. Another reboot shouldn’t (shouldn’t, not won’t) effect anything prior to the previous reboot and since it’s a new device does it really matter?

Do a reset, step through the apps one-by-one and uninstall any that do not function properly (including Toolbox, you never know what errant lines of code might be doing to your system).

Then you wait. It’s only a matter of time before apps/tools get updated to support the new tablets/OS version.



@Powerfader ‘Device Options’ click ‘system updates’. That’s where your version number will be

Sorry, topic reopened, I thought it was solved. My apologies.

I just tried that and every time I click on “system updates” it does not load. maybe it won’t load because I deactivated system updates when I did the Fire Toolbox setup?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you can’t block system updates it is going to update when it wants to, whether you restart the device or not. Unless the update doesn’t automatically force a restart? I wouldn’t want to let my device run 24/7. I would just deal with the stock launcher until the toolbox is updated for this OS version.

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@TP-Dracoo that’s ok. Thank you.

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This may help answer some of your questions as this is the route Amazon has chosen.

An eFuse, or electronic fuse, is a microscopic fuse put into a computer chip that can be triggered to blow in order to permanently change the circuitry of a chip. While eFuses have other uses, they are most commonly used by hardware manufacturers to prevent older software from running on the device. The older software expects a certain number of eFuses to be intact when the device boots, so blowing an eFuse makes older software incompatible with the device.

Amazon has blown eFuses on Fire TV devices in the past as a way to seemingly prevent newer devices from taking advantage of older software exploits that allowed the device to be rooted or allowed the bootloader to be unlocked. This latest blown eFuse seems to be a way to keep devices on the new Fire TV interface, but we’ll likely never know if that’s actually the reason. Regardless of the motivation, the fact is that a Fire TV Stick 4K that updates to the stock version of Fire OS will not be able to downgrade, even if it is later rooted.

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That’s a play taken from Samsung. Blowing those fuses if you are doing a root as a way to prevent rooting. People killed s21s this way.

But toolbox doesn’t do a root nor will blow these fuses. It’s like a custom rom without the root. The problem with it is it’s a on running program that’s always on.

But yes if rooting in the future look for fuses.

You shouldn’t have a issue @d2enochs restarting your device or using your device with toolbox unless you have corrupt data.


It’s Amazon that blew the fuses. This is why some can no longer roll back their updates as the new update blew the 4k efuse

@Miki @TP-Dracoo @Capp @Jayhawks659 thank you to all. I went ahead and did a reboot and all is well. I still have the same original issues (1-3) that I described but I’m hoping for a fire toolbox update that will fix that.

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I have started researching this issue because of your post. It seems Amazon is on the attack! This is some info I am getting from other sites where this issue is being discussed.

Be sure to check that little checkbox isn’t filled in when you order. 100% Amazon will update it for you otherwise.

For those getting new units, DO NOT connect to wifi until after you’ve debloated it, else you be screwed!

Advice from a poster: “Pick any wifi available, do not enter password, tap back, you should now be able to bypass setup.”

Issues arise when or if you already have an Amazon device, like an Echo or a DOT that knows your WIFI password, and you leave the option checked on the purchase screen for the device to be shipped to you with your account information already applied. If this option is checked, then the tablet will be shipped to you with your WIFI password already known, and it will immediately connect to WIFI the moment you start setting it up.

The way around this is to disable your WIFI while you’re going through setup, and then don’t turn it back on until you’ve gone through setup and told it not to pull passwords from Amazon.

Don’t connect to wifi when you set it up. When you get to the wifi selection screen, choose any wifi, but don’t give it a password. Instead select back and return to the previous screen. A new choice will appear at the bottom: Skip. Then you can finish setup, turn on debugging and run the Toolkit to shut off OTA’s.


Yes you can restart without issues.


Exactly. Excellent info. Always use “gift” if anything.
Thanks for this PF.



You can still sideload apps tho, Amazon will always be on the offensive, but you can still sideload apps even after updates. This is more for rooting and such. Debloating will work in some aspects but if we are just putting on a few streaming apps you will be okay.

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Yes you can always load apps but with this efuse issue Amazon may choose not to let you sideload. Already you can not revert to an older version on the 4k because of the blown efuse and if apps are not compatible with the new version then they either won’t work at all or certain functions won’t work.