Finally - Roku Channel available for Android TV

The Roku Channel has been available on Amazon Play Store for some time but is finally available on Google Play Store as well. I just downloaded to my Nvidia Shield Pro and it looks great. My wife and I enjoy binge watching many of the past TV series plus there are thousands of movies as well as Roku Originals. Check it out, it’s free to download and no VPN necessary. Hope you enjoy it, we do!


Is this the “official roku app”?

Yes @Miki , after downloading I logged in to my Roku account and all my series and saved data are right where they left off on my Roku device. Logging in to your account let’s you keep up in the cloud all your watch lists and series where you left them

I would suggest you go in to “settings” and opt out of advertising and prevent selling your info, etc.

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Gracias amigo. I will have to give this a good run through and see if there is anything I might like. Appreciate the post. gl2u.

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Just installed the app and did the sign up. Also, tweaked my settings the way I want.

I did notice some similarities with the Google TV new Live app that is being pushed out lately.

Seems the Roku app requires no vpn to active.

Thanks for the post. I will check this app out more thoroughly.

Update: So far, I am really liking this app. It has a ton of content! In fact, so much content they should consider making a Favorites category.


This is a vid showing this Roku stuff from TDUK.

I downloaded and installed from the Play Store.
Lots of old stuff but at least live tv seems to play well.


I loaded the Roku channel from the play store but I can’t get any live tv . Every time I try I get a playback Error telling me " Unfortunately, we were unable to play this content . Try again later . " Anybody getting the live content to work ?

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not sure. Mine worked first time I tried. Might re-boot

My live tv worked like a charm. Make sure you have a US ip address. I use a VPN and a server in Dallas.

Turn off your VPN if you are using one. This app requires the VPN to be off. At least it does here in East Tennessee

Btw, this is regarding the Roku app available on the Play Store. Not talking about their devices.

Edit: This is what I experienced using the Roku app with Express VPN. Once I changed my VPN to SS then it worked with SS activated. I did try several servers on Express but could find no joy.

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As @Miki mentioned, and as TDUK mentions on the download page of the apk, if you are outside of the USA a VPN is required. Need a USA ip.

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I change from a static IP address from New York to a regular IP from Dallas an now the live channels are working . Thanks guys .

Glad it works! It’s got some enjoyable content, good for a rainy day :sun_with_face:

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I’m using Express and tried 3-4 different servers and still got this pop-up message. As soon as I disable my VPN the app works fine. Haven’t tried with using SS. Although, since the app is totally legal I don’t see a problem in not using the VPN. I will just add it to my whitelist.

Update: It seems the Roku app works with SS but not with Express. At least that is what I am experiencing at the moment.

UPDATE #2: Just tried every protocol available and with "Threat Manager on/off with no success. So, I either use SS for this app or I add Roku to the whitelist in Express. Personally, I have several apps that can’t be used in conjunction with a vpn, i.e., Prime. I figure as long as the app is legal. Then I really don’t care all that much.

I use ProtonVPN but I’m in Mexico and needed a US IP addy. Works like a charm for me.

Not a big deal for me one way or the other since #1 I doubt if I use the app all that much because I use other resources and #2 the Roku app is totally legal and have no need to worry about it being detected.

I’m just curious as to why it works with SS but not with Express using USA servers.

Oh I think you misunderstood me. I don’t care either, but if anyone wants to use it and aren’t in the States, then you’ll need a VPN to get a US IP addy, regardless if it’s legal or not. I haven’t tested any other VPN and I suspect I won’t waste my time.

Yeah, I understand. I am watching a Roku exclusive right now that is pretty funny called Die Hart 2

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Can someone show me how to turn off closed-caption on the Roku app .