Film Plus TV streams down

Stream Plus has updated a couple of times within the last few days.

Tonight, I have been unable to view TV show streams. Movies are more or less fine.

Any info or assistance appreciated,


film plus working ok here

Thanks for your response. It did load links for TV shows, but not as many as usual.

PS Have you received recent Film Plus updates?


1.8.0 is my version works well no problems with it

I now have 1.8.7.

Seems to be back to normal. Thanks again for your response,


Filmplus not allowing external players as of update 1.8.7 ! Have Always used MX player. Now wants B player that is all about commercials.
Done with them then if they don’t allow!

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Have you tried stremio?
I used to use cinema, filmplus etc and now only use stremio its the best one.


i did same thing then i got adds and had to load b player so i deleted it all and found modded app on line no adds no b player lesson is dont update

When using Film Plus recently, few to no streams appear when attempting to watch a TV show (Frasier, Seinfeld, etc.), as well as movies.

Film Plus will sometimes “go dark” per TV streams, but then they reappear, most likely after an update.

Is Film Plus dead?

IF so, any suggestions regarding an alternative would be greatly appreciated,


Stremio is a very good replacement.

Film plus working fine here later versions can give problems but good alternative is onstream

No problems with few to no streams populating for popular shows like Seinfeld, etc.? Having some trouble with movies, too.

Thanks for the info. Any advice appreciated,


Thanks for the tip,


The older shows even as recent is 10 years sometimes it’s hard to get streams. Even the popular shows and if they weren’t that popular there’s actually no streams.

version 1.7.5 no problems also no ads

Film Plus working fine here too. The reason I prefer Film Plus over Stremio right now is that I don’t have debrid and am happy with 1080 resolution. Usually with Film Plus the very first link on the list will work great, while I have to search several links in Stremio before I find a good one. Particularly since my former favorite Rarbg (sp?) is no longer.


I have had good luck in the past finding obscure television shows.

Another annoyance is that sometimes there are only two streams, and they’re both in Spanish.


Thank you,