Extending storage on an Android TV for recording on Tivimate

I bought and Android TV. It only has 4 gigs of storage actually less that that with the Android TV installed apps and the apps that I’ve installed. I want to record programs on Tivimate. Can you I increase the storge to be able to record shows?


Here is a link about recording TiVimate.
Looks like it is not the best way to go.
You may want to search Troypoint on how to increase external memory also

If I remember correctly, although TVs have these capabilities their processing, ram etc. is low, heck the firestick us bad enough so adding an Android box with high end specs(search for reviews Troy is doing this all the time) is the best way to go, or if you want to just get a Max with external memory the @MCat gave me a link you might be interested in as it gives you more storage then you’ll ever need.

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