ExpressVPN Review - Fast, Secure, Reliable, and Feature-Rich

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This ExpressVPN Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the VPN service on a regular basis for one month. ExpressVPN provided free accounts to the TROYPOINT team for the purpose of this review and additional tutorials in the future. However, this review is unbiased and you will see that I point out both…


I have looked at other VPN services and they look good. I had to go into my IpVanish account and realized I got one of those lifetime memberships they don’t offer anymore. I pay just $58 a year, so there would have to be a tragic change in IPVanish for me to switch. Plus I only get 25mbs so not sure it would make a difference


I have had Express VPN for close to 4 years. I subscribed after they upped the number of simultaneous connections from 3 to 5. It is more expensive than IPVanish but I have concluded it is worth it, as I had plenty of frustration with dropped connections and buffering with IPVanish. You can usually get a special discounted price of 15 months for the cost of 12. Nevertheless, if price is a sticky point, to each his own.

After over 6 yrs with IPVanish I cancelled my sub, which ends mid Feb and I’m buying ExpressVPN using this offer right now.

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Price isn’t an issue , $100, $150 no big deal. I guess I’m one of he few that has never had an issue with IPVanish. Speeds are fie, no buffering, no dropouts. I would like to try some of them but I have yet seen any of them offer an absolutely free trial. No reason to give them anything more than ny email address. I would like to try some for 24hrs and decide, but they all want a CC and I won’t do that unless I actually want the product.


I thought it odd that ip vanish support told me not to use best available for my windows 10 problem!

Hello @T83 I don’t trust those auto-detect best servers options on any of these VPNs. I always do a speed test with different locations and protocols until it is downloading at fastest speeds.


Yes, I’ve watched your videos for a while now and I usually manually scan server near me to find fastest. Thx for replying

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Went through and changed all the settings in my IPVanish and saw no changes at all. However I only get 25m from my provider. So I think if you had faster speeds but was seeing slower speeds thru your device this would help you get back to what you are paying for. Make sense?

I switched from IPV to ExpressVPN and testing all protocols/ports etc. and the same cities as IPV I have had a significant download speed increase. Maybe just good luck, but then a win is a win. I’m one happy camper. All my devices now run Express.


I just went thru the video Troy did on speed changes and I changed everything according to him. I have used IPVanish for the past few years. It works well for me. I did not see any change at all in my speeds. Stayed basically the same. If you only get a certain speed from your ISP, how would changing anything in your VPN increase that? I’m assuming that. let’s say, you are supposed to get 500m, but your VPN is slowing you down to 300m. I guess with the changes in your VPN you should be able to tweak it out to get back to 500m but no faster. Am I looking at this wrong?

It has to do with the protocols In OpenVPN some IPs do not play well with tcp but do play well with udp and in fact some don’t have the updates to use or allow the wireguard protocol. Also as there are port options some find changing ports improves speed. I can assure you after testing absolutely every combination, in IPV, there are ones that lower speeds and ones that increase them. It all depends a lot on your internet providers infrastructure. Now if you’re getting speeds like 200MBS down and have an Internet Provider who spends a lot of money improving their switches, and equipment as well as their coding then you may not see any changes, or very little. If this is your case then you’re a lucky person.

I understand no one advertises a VPN as much as troypoint without compensation. I even tried express vpn but had nothing but trouble. I had switched because my pia subscription was ending. It was a mistake switching to express vpn, but I will say their customer service tried to resolve the problems … unsucessfully. I had switched because I was also not happy with the speed loses from pia vpn. Express vpn was not an improvement.
I am now using Nord vpn and am happy with them. My speed loses are minimal and I have had no problems. I am surprised that I rarely hear about Nord on the Troypoint website. Don’t get me wrong, I am a loyal supporter of Troypoint, but sometimes I can’t agree with everything.


There will be more vpn reviews just wait. The problem now is vpns are a monopoly, the good ones are jacking up their prices.

Nord is extremely good but it is now more expensive and not in everyone’s budget. I have a topic on vpns but don’t go into prices it’s just a base guideline. The one thing I can’t stress enough is research, depending on where you live try to see if a vpn offers servers closet to you, you will get the best speed that way.


Hello @rich5544 as my email said, we will be reviewing all of the top ranked VPN services within the coming months. Nord is definitely on that list.


Hello @Remy yes you are correct. With only 25 Mbps it is going to be difficult seeing very much change regardless of what protocols or location you use.


That made me wonder so I checked current prices.
Express VPN $99 / 15 months or $8.26 / month first year
IPVanish $45 first year or $3.75 / month
Nord VPN $89 / 2years or $3.71 / month (a longer guaranteed low rate)

All of these companies have sales for the first year or two. In the past I have been able to negotiate the lower price when the initial term is almost up. So if you want to make a little effort, there are deals out there. If you don’t like the new higher price, negotiate or change companies.

I am not sure where you found your pricing, but check the ones I found today in my other reply.

It doesn’t matter which vpn you are using. You will loose speed with all of them. It is just the cost of rerouting for security. I said in another reply that I switched to Nord VPN. I use their recommended NORDLYNX protocol and for me, I have lost less speed than any other vpn I have tried. And I have tried a few.


It’s different for Canadian users. It’s 115 for me.

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