Expand internal storage on Firestick Questions

Getting ready to try expanding my storage to an external usb flash drive. Just curious though… What do I actually need on the actual stick? Just Downloader and TP? Or should I IPVanish, Filesynced and X Plore?

Thanks for any assistance!!

Is this on a new Firestick 4K Max? If so you don’t need anything other than an OTG cable or a Hub and a good USB drive like sandisk. If you do a search here you’ll find some instructions as well as links to get info. On the Max it’s easy. Format it to internal for loading apps onto it, and for recording format as external.

Hey Miki, Thanks. Yes it is on a new Max stick. I have read a bit on TP about this but was just a little confused if I needed to put Downloader on the stick or if I break the stick with the usb drive and cable attached. I will go back and check TP out again.

Even if the stick is fresh out of the box you can add the OTG cable, do a complete opening update of everything before adding anything onto the stick, plug the USB drive into the port on the OTG cable and an on screen prompt should come up asking how you want it formatted. If not then go to settings>my fire tv> USB Drive and choose either format to internal or format to external. Now don’t forget apps that are in the Amazon app store will install onto the Max, and other apps loaded from say apk pure will be installed onto the USB. For example Analiti is in the app store and if downloaded from there it will appear in your manage installed apps without any little USB icon beside it, indicating it’s on the Max internal storage, and there will not be any option to move it yo external. Now as it’s a utility, and not one I use all the time, I don’t want it taking up space on the Max, so I uninstall it and go to APK Pure and download it. Now it is seen as a third party app and will be automatically added to the USB Drive, freeing up much needed space on the Max itself. So no, you don’t need any programs added to the Max before formatting and using the USB Drive.

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