ESPN plus and fubo

My nephew works at a small university and to watch their sporting events you need espn plus or fubo, both paid services. Anyway to get these without a subscription?

I don’t think there is really a way to get those two apps for free as they are. The solution in his situation is potentially a paid IPTV service. Most should have just about everything those two apps offer and soooo much more, for so much less. If you are into going that route, there are many articles here and on Troy’s main website that explains the security requirements, hardware recommendations and decent tv services that may make sense to get started in this endeavor. There are also ways to try and get live sports through Kodi and other apps for free, but not near as reliable.

Thanks for the response I do have tivimate, but still in the process of using playlists with epgs that work. I have the list from all the helpful people here but still learning how to configure. I have mad titan, the loop, and crew, but they don’t have those that I need

Have you tried a paid IPTV service?

yes i have premium tivimate

Premium Tivimate paired with a paid IPTV service should have the games you asked about above. You said “small school”, so I’m not 100% sure, but if ESPN + and Fubo have the necessary channels, I would think you would certainly have them going this route.

what paid iptv service would you recommend

Unfortunately, we can’t discuss them on here by name, but I do recommend you check the main website for the list of them and potentially take advantage of the ones that offer a TRIAL. Some will let you preview their service for a short time before you purchase anything to make sure it is what you are looking for.
IPTV – Best Live TV Services for September 2022 (Free & Paid) (


thank you for ur help


ESPN Plus is $10 per month as of now…Fubo is pricey.
Events from smaller colleges that are on ESPN+ are pretty much self-produced and do not generally have a large viewership. This means that even if you find that event on an unverified IPTV service, paid or free, you may not either be able to find the event or that the stream of the event is likely to be unreliable.

Since ESPN+ is month to month, I’d advise just going that way instead of the headache of trying to find the games with another service.

I agree with you. If he can find the games and seem reliable on one of the unverified IPTV services, it will save both monthly fees. If not, may be worth keeping ESPN+ and getting a cheaper, but reliable IPTV service for the rest of the channels Fubo has and way more. Still much cheaper for more content, in the end.

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On just 1 of my paid services alone there is 219 + channels. Another has 220. So I’m pretty sure you can find any game you choose.

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Your best bet for small college football games is thru there own team or aways website. I too get 100’s of sports channels. So unless it’s on pay per view still might be hard to find.

Miki, even some of the Big 12 games are hard to find if they are on ESPN+ unless you use ESPN+.

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ESPN+ is in every one of my IPTV services. I don’t watch college ball, just the big boys. I’m in the middle of something so I’ll take a look and see how the games are displayed and how searchable they are.


Schedule | Watch ESPN

Miki, what I have found is that what is listed is often not what is actually being shown.
So the listing might show Furman vs The Citadel but end up showing North Dakota vs South Dakota.

ESPN+ is one of the two verified services that I think is a great deal…
Sling Orange (or Blue depending on preferences) is the other.

I still haven’t had a chance to check my espn+ channels. I will as soon as I can. I don’t watch college stuff so no priority for me, and all other sports I already get.

Not sure about fubo, but he might consider sharing the cost of espn+ with a buddy or two. I think they allow 3 connections with no ip restrictions. I know the few times my team is on espn+ I use my buddies espn+ sub at my house and it works.

Thanks, I’m going to hqve to find a friend that subscribes