Error code 401 firestick & tivimate

Hi, new to iptv. I have full tivi mate listings and have updated my playlist with no errors but only have access to maybe 40 % of the channels. The 40 % connect flawlessly and the other 60 % buffer and produce error code 401. I am using a vpn and using the service’s suggested settings. The service’s help desk went through my settings with me all seems good and they suggested changing from my fire cube to the new firestick, which i have done no improvement. The help desk then suggested trying an iptv player on my computer and everything works (flawlessly). I have now gone back to my firecube and am using ethernet instead of wifi just to rule that out. Im starting to think this is a tivimate issue somehow not playing well with others.

TiViMate is just a player. The source of your issue seems to be your ISPs infrastructure. A computer has far superior tech and thus handles glitchy internet service much better. That’s why it works flawlessly. There are tons of articles on here on reducing buffering. Use the “Search” to find those tutorials and instructions.

Ty, like i said kinda new to all of this, appreciate the direction point.

Oh hey. All good. Everyone was a beginner sometime. Welcome to Troypoint. Surf around watch some of Troy’s vids, use the search and enjoy.
Welcome to a great place to learn and to ask your questions. We love helping.


When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

Some info in there, but i can pretty much tell you if some channels are buffing and not all its 9 out of 10 times your provider. They will act like its not on them when it is. They dont have have the server capabilities for everyone to be logged on and distribute pre recorded or live stolen data at once. It will buffer.

401 error code is when to many people are on the service. So on the ISP

actually a 401 error usually refers to being in-authorized and in this case I believe is provider related. A “handshake” of sorts is not taking place and several factors can cause this, Credentials wrong or misconfigured client or server side…and other stuff.


Did you try changing buffer size in TiviMate by chance? BTW…Welcome!

Ty all for ur help. I will go through the buffering links more thourogh tonight. Just a note channels that produce the error code @ one point an hour later work and the ones that did work now get error code 401. I have the buffering switch turned to the largest setting. I have waited for better internet for a long time and both my firecube and firestick are basically new. Really this set up are there first uses.

Hey @Oldflash As Tivimate is not only very popular, but also a very stable player…one thing you can do to eliminate it as a problem for your buffering (of which I believe emanates from your iptv service) is to put a free & legal playlist into Tivimate & just go to All Channels within the playlist & start clicking on channels…if they all load…then more than likely, it isn’t your Tivimate that’s the problem. Hope this helps :cowboy_hat_face:

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Speeds are 68 down 7 up & it would appear my iptv service may definately be the problem as some of u suggested. I added another play list and every channel works perfectly on that playlist. Thank goodness for 1 month options. Great site this is ty all for ur inputs…


Cool, speeds are good…

remember if yor planing on using them at the same time, u need more than 1 cnnctn from yor servc…


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Your up speed should be 10 or higher to be honest. It’s a major boost to connections. But 7 shouldn’t cause this if your provider is having issues.


OK…you’ve eliminated Tivimate & your streaming device as the problem, & your speeds are adequate…if you’ve chatted with your iptv service & they haven’t helped…next thing I’d do is look in your iptv playlist & see if there are any low bandwidth duplicate channels available…if not, then it’s time for another service. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

Welcome… I am an old foggy… Learning… Everyday…

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