Error 401 and streaming

Hi all

think this is a bit of a bizarre one
i am running IPTV premium been working great for a few years now all updated etc

when i connect to the internet i get an error occured:httpdatasource$httpdatasourceexception
when i then put on VPN i get error 401

But when i hotspot my phone to the FireTv all works great

Any idea its has completely baffled me i am sure its something to do with me ISP but how do i get around it if it is

Many thanks for the replys in advanced a very confused and frustrated welshman

What are your speed test results with/without VPN? Do other apps work fine, with and without VPN?

all other apps are great eg netflix and disney on hotspot and internet just tivimate not working on internet

I would start with the easy stuff. Clear Tivimate cache, maybe even data (be prepared to reenter credentials if you need to try this), force stop Tivimate, restart firestick, reboot modem and router. If none of that changes anything, I would see if your credentials work on Smarters or an equivalent, to pinpoint the issue to Tivimate. May have to reinstall Tivimate at that point?

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I have been having this happen quite a bit in recent days. I found I actually had to change my server location. I went from Dallas to NY. and problem solved. :roll_eyes:


Just to test try switching the http to https in the providers info…or https to http and see what happens, post back


Hey @Taff Put this verified playlist into your Tivimate & see if it works

And…if you haven’t already tried…reboot your device & your router to establish a new connection.

Hi, Pls will this code work without VPN and do you have more codes? I will appreciate. Thank you

Hey @sammo If you are referring to the PlutoTV M3U8 code above…then yes. This is a perfectly legal, verified url & a VPN would not be needed.

@Miki is the man with all the “codes”…we call him Nick Danger…3rd Eye :sunglasses: :eyes:

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pan is absolutely right. Samsung, pluto, plex, Redbox, Tubi, Vizio and a few others have legal m3u playlists you can use without a VPN if you want. I still won’t connect without an active vpn, free or not.


Thank you for your prompt response.

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Hey Miki Pls do you have codes with African content? I will greatly appreciate it

I will find you the countries playlists.
Only 45 channels but here’s one

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@pangaeatech put code in works great on nbn and hotspot off my mobile

don’t understand if i hotspot off my phone on my subscription it works but the minute i connect to the NBN network i get all the errors

Done all that :frowning:
works fine if i hotspot the firetv off my mobile phone but error when connecting to the NBN network

Hmmmm…dang this is a real head scratcher. You reset everything, a verified code works in Tivimate on both networks. I’m not sure what you could try next.

Was your vpn on or off during your IPTV on your network with Tivimate issues? You have tried your IPTV service on a different IPTV app and it works or doesnt work on your network?

OK…good…that eliminates Tivimate as a problem…& you’re having no trouble with all your paid apps…so…what’s left…? A 401 code basically denotes an authentication credentials snafu between your ISP & the servers your trying to connect with…which is your IPTV service…for some reason those two aren’t getting along & don’t want to connect. When you set up a hotspot, you’re bypassing your ISP & connecting via your cell service. I’m guessing the problem lies with your IPTV service, as all the other apps & the PlutoTV url playlist you put on all work fine thru your ISP. :cowboy_hat_face:


The strange part is that he said it worked great for a couple years, now all of a sudden it isn’t playing nice.

Yeah…copy that…doubt anything on his end has changed (ISP)…so that just leaves the other side of the connection…but who knows…? :thinking: :face_with_peeking_eye:

I am so glad I’ve got you scratching your heads too,

PlutoTV works great on Hotspot and ISP

my IPTV works great on hotspot

put on ISP the following happens
without VPN on error occured:httpdatasource$httpdatasourceexception
with VPN on error 401

all paid apps ie Netflix and Disney+ as well as our local tv apps work great

Is it possible that my ISP is blocking something to stop Tivimate authenticating with my IPTV provider and if so how can i confirm this

Thanks again all for your time and answers really appreciate all the help