EPG playlist for Pluto tv

Is their a EPG playlist for Pluto ? I have it on TiVimate but the EPG for it isn’t very good .

I found a few but they may take time to update. None were worth sharing imho.

Sent you a DM with some epgs

Btw, I have 24 epgs installed and they are all assigned to all my playlists.

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so with that many is your guide fully populated? any chance of getting a few to try out?

For that lame Pluto m3u I have 100% epg populated. However, almost 2/3rds are just place holders.

I just now downloaded the Pluto app from the Play Store. Other than the UI is somewhat flashy. The channel’s epg is mostly place holders also…

Tbh, Pluto is just good enough to keep around if you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to watch.

Place holder = basiclly the name of the channel repeated. There is no description and you will be lucky to get just the episodes numbers.

Not a big fan of the Pluto app or the m3u.

Btw, if you are asking if my epg is fairly complete. Then the answer is yes for 10 playlists I have installed. All of the playlist’s guides are well into the 90 percentile complete.

Hi, thanks for the reply I have only 3 playlists I use and added 2 epg’s given to me which from what I see is ok, one is from github, long address and the other I think is from apollo site. Can you point to some good ones to track down?

Send me DM also please of epgs if you don’t mind


I guess pluto shut down the Plylist URL code from working in tivimate. No longer works.

Or is there a new one to use.