Elementum Kodi Addon Repository URL

Sorry to be a pain but can anyone tell me definitively where I can find the url for the elementum repo for firestick/
Ive installed via gaia repo and elementum is not working/
Ive googled the repo but I keep coming up with gaia or the elemnetum surge page which doesnt help for firestick.
Is anyone else having issues with elementum ?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks but that doesn’t help. The warehouse repo is down. I know how to use elementum, I just can’t find the repo address other than Gaia.

Use the search at the top of the page.

I have added some additional information to TP’s instructions that I feel were either not listed or not understood by many people, as this installation is a bit more tedious than most.

Turn off your vpn during the installation process or else it will not work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Elementum Repository may not download properly if you have your VPN turned on. If you have problems, turn off your VPN before installing via Downloader and then turn it back on prior to using the addon.

Open Downloader.

Type the Downloader Code 444801 for the Elementum Repository and click Go.

The downloaded zip file should be mgcjn5.zip

Click “Done” (not open or delete) and exit Downloader.

Go to Manage Apps and make sure that Kodi’s Permissions are set to Storage , All Files.

Open Kodi.

  • Select File Manager.
  • Click Add source.
  • Click Browse.
  • Choose External Storage.
  • If using a Firestick or Fire TV device, select the Downloader folder
  • If using an Android TV/Google TV device, select the Download folder and then select the Downloader folder.
  • Click OK.
  • Click OK again.
  • Return to Kodi Systems page and select Add-ons.
  • Choose Install from zip file.
  • Click Downloader. Select the previously downloaded zip file which should be mgcjn5.zipfile
  • You will then encounter ElementumOrg repository Add-on installed message.
  • Click Install from repository.
  • Choose ElementumOrg repository.
  • Select Video add-ons.
  • Click Elementum.
  • Click Install.
  • Wait for the Elementum success message to appear.
  • Either wait a minute for the prompt or click the back button on your remote a couple of times, or launch the Elementum app. At some point, you will then be prompted to install the Burst Provider for Elementum. Click Yes.
  • You will then see Elementum Installation successful message in the upper right-hand corner.
  • If you do not get the prompt to install Burst, force close Kodi and re-launch the app.

Reminder, the vpn should be off this entire time until Elementum is fully installed. Once you think you have installed it successfully, open the app, and see if any links populate, if they don’t then somethings wrong.

Finally, force close the app, turn on your VPN and relaunch, and you should be good to go.


Thank you very much for the updated installation process. I was questioning myself on why I couldn’t load Elementum. Cheers!

I read the TP rating on Android TV Boxes and purchased the BuzzTV x5 Classic to replace an old box which I was able to add Kodi Elementum.
I have meticulously followed the TP instructions, viewed the video and followed your instructions. Still, I am unable to add Elementum to Kodi on this BuzzTV Classic Android Box. The zip file (mgcjn5) never appears after I click “Downloader” in the Install from zip file.
I’m using Kodi 21. Is Elementum available for it ?

Hello @Ghostie I just made the following video on my BuzzTV X5 for you.

Everything working fine.

You must be missing something somewhere such as file permissions, etc.

Here is video.


Hi Founding Member,
You were correct ! Your BuzzTV video revealed that I had Kodi’s File and Media permissions set at “Allow only while using the app” instead of “Allow all the time”.
I am now surfing Elementum.


It would help if someone could reply to the OPs original post asking for the URL of the Elemental repository (as opposed to the downloader code). Apparently the gaia repository version isn’t working so the github link might help.

I think it’s here.

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Nope, just a downloader code.


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Google is your Friend!

EDIT: Dang @Miki didn’t see your post as I was posting at the same time!

Lol. Talk about fast. Yowsa. Tx for your help, as always.

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That’s it. Thanks!

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Yes, I did google it and found the firesticktricks link you pointed out but unfortunately, as I said, that link (Gaia rep) isn’t working.

There isn’t one and that’s why we use the Downloader code.

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Ah, I guess I don’t really know how downloader links work - I thought they were just a shortcut to a web link.

Which device you using and what browser?
I’m using Onn 4k Tv Box w/Jiosphere Browser.

In Kodi_ Go To Settings/System👇🏻
Highlight Add-ons__Allow Unknown Sources.
Also enable__Show Notifications.

Go To;
Highlight the Control tab and enable__Allow remote control from applications on other systems.
You will see a warning notification, press—Yes to allow remote control.

I’m using jiosphere browser: go to [elementum] (https://elementum.surge.sh/)
download the ** [All-in-one (repository.elementumorg-0.0.2.zip)] **

After the Elementum download has completed from your browser.
Mine is__JioSphere__ Onn 4k Tv Box.

Go To Addons__Install from zip__external storage__Download__repository.elementumorg-0.0.2.zip

Wait until you’re notified that elementum has downloaded. Wait a few more seconds and it will automatically download Burst.

If you get a Drop Down Box saying oopsie whoopsie don’t panic.
Go to: Install from repository.
Click: Elementum Repository.
Click: Programs Addons
Click: Burst and wait until she downloads.

Best of wishes.