Dozenz IPTV Review - Over 18,000 Channels for $10/Month

Originally published at: Dozenz IPTV - Over 18,000 Live Channels for $10/Month

This IPTV review features Dozenz IPTV with information on channels, pricing, registration, and much more. Is Dozenz IPTV safe to use? Is Dozenz IPTV legal? What channels does Dozenz IPTV have? We will answer those questions and more in this article. The reason why we ask legal questions is due to the fact that Dozenz…

The thing that separates Dozenz XII from the rest isn’t so much they offer a viewing experience rivaled by none. It is because their streams, for whatever reason, seem to experience less issues than most other iptv services. It even isn’t the abundance and variety of channels they offer. The thing that separates Dozenz XII is Customer Service. Their customer service is by far the best; bar none! Dozenz XII doesn’t seem to take your subscription for granted. They are very friendly and accommodating. They actively respond to issues to find a remedy and don’t look at service issues as a personal attack as many iptv services do. This is why I rate them and their service SUPERIOR!