Dozenz IPTV Review - Over 18,000 Channels for $10/Month

Originally published at: Dozenz IPTV - Over 18,000 Live Channels for $10/Month

This IPTV review features Dozenz IPTV with information on channels, pricing, registration, and much more. Is Dozenz IPTV safe to use? Is Dozenz IPTV legal? What channels does Dozenz IPTV have? We will answer those questions and more in this article. The reason why we ask legal questions is due to the fact that Dozenz…


The thing that separates Dozenz XII from the rest isn’t so much they offer a viewing experience rivaled by none. It is because their streams, for whatever reason, seem to experience less issues than most other iptv services. It even isn’t the abundance and variety of channels they offer. The thing that separates Dozenz XII is Customer Service. Their customer service is by far the best; bar none! Dozenz XII doesn’t seem to take your subscription for granted. They are very friendly and accommodating. They actively respond to issues to find a remedy and don’t look at service issues as a personal attack as many iptv services do. This is why I rate them and their service SUPERIOR!


$10 for 1 is too high, I dont need movies and series


How about 2 for $13, 3 for 16, 4 for $19, or 5 for $22 if you care to research?

Btw, I pay $8 bucks a month.

Do they carry the news channels such as Fox News? Are they better than Sling TV? The article states they have 18k channels, but how many can one get with their Standard tier? Thank you for answering!


They have local channels and all the news channels.


OK, thank you very much!

Yes, I get FOX News, Fox Business News, OAN, Newsmax, and tons more. The worse iptv service out there is most likely better than Sling. Nothing wrong with Sling, but you get very limited channels for a hefty price. But don’t forget, they are legal.

All packages contain the same content. The difference in packages is the amount of connections you want. They do offer a 36 hr. trial. Why not try them out and you be the judge.

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Why thank you, kind person! BTW how do you get a photo by your name? You have the Scarecrow, but I would like a different image…:+1: Thanx for your time!

Oh, one more thing - my lovely wife likes to record certain news shows so she can view them when she gets home from work. Do they offer DVR service?
Thanx, Mrstacey

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No, I don’t believe so, if you use Tivimate, then you can record. I really don’t know what is on their app. I use their xtream code to load in my Tivimate. I have never downloaded their branded app, but most IPTV services really don’t encourage recording, and probably won’t offer any support, too.

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Once again, I thank you. I have no idea what a Tivimate is. Is that an app or a device? Thanx!:sunglasses:


Yes, it’s an app you can get off of your App Store, or via Downloader. They offer a 5-7 day free trial, but if you decide to buy it it is $7 for a year, or about $24 for lifetime. I strongly suggest purchasing the PREMIUM version. The premium offers a TON more features. Personally, I signed up for the free trial and a one year sub. I wrote the developer to get that changed to a lifetime sub, because it’s that great of an app!

Using Tivimate eliminates the need to download or use the iptv’s branded app. You insert the iptv M3U URL, or its xtream code. Both of which your provider will give you.

Also, you can install multiple URL’s on a Tivimate. You get 5 connections per subscription.

Btw, I figure now know how to change or add an avatar to your account pic?


i tried signing up for it but says refuse credit card

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If you have another card use that. Also, I believe, you can use Amazon pay or Google pay. If all else fails try using a different browser.

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signed up for trial but will not accept username/pw.

Have you joined their Telegram? These people are very accommodating in answering questions. In regards to your UN & PW double check you are typing in the letters and numbers EXACTLY as they appear!


Got’em both on my 3 services…

Are they under the Movies section?

Yep… on 1 of’em I got 2 options (4k)…

I just did search in Tivimate of both… (I dont play with the movie sections) but yes thats where they are

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