Downloading videos to watch at a later time

I have watched an expansion video with a USB powered adapter setup. It’s now great to have all this extra storage. My question is: Why is no one putting out a usable video on downloading movies/tv shows to a expanded drive. I have an RV and many times the internet connection in parks is not very good for running VOD movies. I want to be able to download movies to my large drive and then watch them while I’m on the road without having to rely on scrapers. I downloaded the “Advanced Download Manager–(ADM)” to my FireStick 4k Max and tried to use it. All I get is that the F/S does not support ADM. Please help!! You always do such user friendly videos for FireStick users. Thanks in advance!!


I had a large thread on ADM and the Firestick Max. It actually does work with one caveat that we still need to solve. It will download but only to the internal memory that doesn’t do anyone any good. You can see the external USB but you just can’t change the save to folder to it. The controls do not work on that screen. In the near future we will work on it again with the help of Miki who really knows his stuff. Do a search and you will find the two threads here. TBC

Just waiting until I can afford a ssd drive. Damn hospital just hit me with another $30,000 bill. Claiming they forgot to include it in the original charges. This on Thursday.

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Sorry to hear about that Miki.


.Thanks, Wizzard, for your prompt reply. I know there must be a way to download movies/tv shows to the FireStick external drive without ADM. There might even be a way to download movies/tv shows to the internal drive and then use Xplore to transfer them over to the external drive—just thinking out loud. I had a friend once that had over 200 movies downloaded to his terabyte drive. Why is no one doing a video on this subject since we now have the ability to store more data. Does ADM work on high storage Android drives? I have both. A video from Troy, on this subject, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe ACE is a contributing factor as to why we don’t see these kinds of videos. Come-on Miki, get with Troy and make a video for all of us cord cutters.

Miki, You need to come back to Canada. That’s insane. I promise you better weather for a few months. The USB and SSD I am sure would be the same issue as you know I was only trying a USB. When time permits, I will look for another app as there just has to be something out there that will direct a download to a stick. Still not one person has indicated that I saw that they have achieved this or how. Yes, I can use it for apps. That is where it ends.


I agree there must be an app somewhere that will properly download to an external drive or in my case, usb stick. The ADM is close but fails where I said. Downloading to the internal memory is not a solution for anything large but yes, ADM will download to the internal memory and you can use something like Xplore and move it yourself. It will play. Not what I want to achieve. I am not finished with this yet, just taking a break from it as I just ran out of ideas. That happens when the one screen you need to change won’t respond to either the remote or mouse and yes, you need mouse control with ADM as well. I hope someone will chime in and tell us an app they are using successfully with the Firestick but I have asked this before and as of yet, there has been not a single positive response. Never give up hope. The right app should do it, it’s just not ADM right now.

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i use torrents to download movies to my external ssd drive on my computer…then i plug the drive into my nividia shield and play with vlc…works great!!


Thanks, Wizzard! Why does ADM exist if you can’t use it OR can it be used on Android boxes? I have Android boxes but have never tried ADM on them. Come on, all you techies, and make a video about how to download movies to a SD drive. I’m not a tech guy but I’ve know guys in the past that had large databases of movies on their drives to watch whenever they can’t get a good internet signal.

We cant name movies here by name when talking about downloading and what not.

Honestly you are better off with a vod style app and watch it whenever you want. If you have vpn and internet good to go even if traveling.

VOD doesnt play very well jn RV parks. I would use a pc and download to a usb drive.

Why bother to do that. Run a media server on your pc and just stream it to your Nvidea. You can get media servers free like serviio. Even xplore has dlna and will happily find your computer and stream from there. That is what I did for years and years until I just plugged a stick into my tv.

Well there was no version for Firestick. I downloaded it from google playstore to my phone and side loaded it to the stick using appstofire.

This works great for me.
apps I use are real-debrid, and JDdownloader 2. I goto any torrent site that uses Magnet links.
I choose my download and copy the magnet link. I then open up real-debrid(website) and paste the link in the Torrents section where is says to paste. When the file is finished in Real-debrid I copy the link from RD and it will paste itself in JDdownloader 2 and you can then start downloading. You can also download the torrent and put that into Real-Debrid as well. Both work the same. I have never been in favor of downloading a torrent as it is easier to track off your device than copy and pasting a link.


Thanks, Wizzard. I have had some luck in downloading ADM Pro from Unlinked. I then use F+ using it’s “download to ADM” section. I actually works but unfortunately, on the 3rd and 4th downloads, it says that there isn’t enough space. I have a 64Gb USB attached to my F/S with most of my apps downloaded to it. I think the problem I’m seeing is that when I check my USB drive to see how much is used (after many apps have been downloaded to it) and find less than a Gb on the drive. Maybe I need to start over and restore my entire F/S and maybe all the apps will go directly to the USB drive on the download. I think that if I could get my downloaded movies to go to the USB drive, F+ and ADM Pro would work great. It downloaded two movies for me, no problem, before it ran out of space. Maybe some of you techies, out there, could try this setup and see if movies move to your USB drives. Thanks in advance.

You cannot use one USB stick for apps and external storage. If you have apps on it, then it was formatted for them. If you want to put movies etc on it, then it will need to be formatted as external storage and you will need to move the apps back to your internal on your FS. Sad, it can’t be used for both. ** Try using another stick but of course you won’t have access to the apps that are on this one.

I meant to say that less than a Gb was (used) on the external drive. (59.44Gb of 60.27Gb available). It looks like none of my apps went to the external drive even though it’s attached to the F/S.

Your reply came back before I finished my second reply. I will try to use two USB drives—one to take with me for movies while on the road and the other to use for general app use.

Thanks Wizz, that answered some questions for me. But I assume I can put Tivimate backups as well as Tivimate recordings on the same usb stick – setup as extra internal storage on KM1 deluxe.

From what I can see on mine, you can copy anything you want to the external USB drive. Make folders on it. So no reason you can copy movies, backups or anything. You just as mentioned before cannot move apps to it and use it as storage both. One or the other and my understanding is you also cannot use two sticks, one for apps and one for storage.