Downloading Cinema HD

I have a Troypoint instruction publishid in Jan Feb 2023 showing how to download CinemHD 2.4.1
I goes ok until the site asks for email address and set up a password which was ot a part of the Troypoint screenshot presentation. Should I be following their request? Has something changed in the last month or so?
Thank you

You dont need to put in that info.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

Do not give them anything. Not your name, email address, don’t pay any money. Where does it ask you to set up an account?

I think he got this app from an unknown source or modded.

How to Install Cinema HD APK 2.4.1 on Firestick (Feb. 2023) (

Supposedly this article was used, but I’m on their website and they have the apks for download right on it. No mention of signing up and making an account?

Which is the most recent and good copy. No sign on. Which leads me to believe they did not actually get the right app from our source. I will wait till the OP comments further.

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That worked for me.
Thank you


See above suggestion/ It works.
Thank you for looking into it for me