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Hi. I’m new to Troypoint. Last night I downloaded the Supercharge message with the three “How to” videos. While Videos 2 and 3 played through in their entirety, the first and critical video (the Download video) stalled at about 1:40 and would not restart. I let it run all night and it never loaded. I rebooted the page just before I joined this forum, and still it would not play through. Since the video is critical to moving on to downloading the apps, it is impossible for me to do anything. Is there a text version of the instructions that can be followed if the video can not be made to play through? I’m sure this is just a simpkle thiong, but the robot monitor of Troy’s email sent me here for help.

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If google how to install downloader then go to the troypoint app it will give you step by step

Hello and welcome to the forum. I believe you’re trying to get the downloader if I’m not mistaken. How To Install Downloader On Android TV Box
If that’s not it using the search bar for what your looking for (ie) search for install on firestick etc… will be a big help. Hope you enjoy the insider :+1:t3:

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