Downloader app no longer available

Google Play no longer supports the Downloader app. Troypoint suggests using jiosphere to download it. I cant find jiosphere. Has anybody found a method to download the downloader or alternative please?


downloader by AFTVnews is still showing in the playstore for me.


Miki is fast.


Lol. Only because it gets asked so often that I have the shortcuts saved for it.

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I wouldn’t wanna be in a first person shooter game with you. Your mouse trigger finger is mighty quick.

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Downloader is in the Play Store, and just like Miki posted, also conveniently in Troy’s toolbox. The article I believe your question is based around is outdated and Downloader reinstated on Google Play since it was written. Downloader App Removed from Google Play Store (


I was curious so i searched my phone’s playstore (samsung s22+) and it isnt available there. Although i have it on my phone already. But i cant remember how/when i installed it. When i clicked the link above it says it isnt compatible with the devices. But it is because i have used it.

I took it in from the mirror site. Obliged

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That’s very odd as I have a Samsung S21+ 5G and it shows up in the playstore for me.

I just purchased the Nvidia Shield TV Pro and just finished setting this up, had no problem finding Downloader in the Google Play store.

Yeah its weird. It recognized that i have the app but also says it isnt compatible at the bottom.

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If you want it on your phone get it from

The latest version will install on your S22 as long as you have play protect turned off.

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I already have it on my phone but it doesnt show up in the playstore search. That was the screen shot after i went to your link and selected playstore. I dont remeber how i got it but now the playstore says it isn’t compatible. But like i said, it works fine. I may have gotten it from the playstore but i don’t remember.

ahhh got ya. I see that now. odd indeed. I see it in the playstore and I also see a non compatible warning but it works just fine on my phone and it’s updated as well. :man_shrugging:

Downloader has never been available on phones and tablets through Google Play. Only available on Android TV/Google TV devices. You guys are seeing that because it’s installed on your Android TV devices associated with your account.

You can easily install latest version of Downloader through the TROYPOINT Toolbox by opening browser on your phone/tablet and go to TROYPOINT Toolbox click the download button for Downloader and it will prompt you to install. You may need to enable unknown sources on your device for the browser you are using.


i tried that , does not work anymore takes me right to aftvnews site , even using a Downloader App | AFTVnews takes you to aftv to

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Do you see the screen below whwlen you click the link? If so, see the big arrow pointing to then app stores for Amazon and Google Play?

Working on a old pendoo box so no Amazon and it’s not in the play store ,all set tho thanks

It is in the playstore.

So far as I am aware Downloader is only in the playstore if you have Android TV. If you have a device using stock Android then it is not. (UK Playstore)