Downloader app no longer available

I will have to check the UK Playstore. It is in the Canadian and U.S. ones. If you want to get around that you can always change your Playstore country. I should add a warning though. You can only change your Playstore country, 12 months after activating your account the first time, and then only once a year after that.

Hi Miki. Hope all is well in Canada. Just curious to know how you managed to get Downloader app on Samsung. I can’t seem to get it on my Samsung smart tv. Any suggestions?

got it from here and works great. I should have mentioned, this was using my Chrome browser.

Thanks for letting me know. The Downloader link is now fixed in the TOOLBOX and is working. You can install V1.4.4 through that. I am not serving 1.4.5 which is latest as it doesn’t work on newer tablets or phones. You will get a permission error.

I will reach out to Elias and see if we can get this fixed so we are serving the most recent release.


No problem but to be honest i don’t even know what I to. I was just trying to show where the app store was to DL Downloader. Either a happy accident by me or you meant to thank someone else. Either way, as long as it got fixed.

Isn’t there also a possability if an app is installed on another device…to synch it to a second device?

Haha. Our link was going to the AFTV News site like you showed rather than immediately downloading the app. Thank you.


Elias and I have exchanged some emails and here’s a quote from him regarding Downloader compatibility.

Downloader is currently only available through Google Play on Android TV and Google TV but that will be changing soon. Yes, you can currently sideload it on Android phones and tablets and as you see in his quote below it does work for the most part.

Here’s a quote from Elias.

“Downloader is officially available for TV devices running Android 12 or older. While it mostly works on non-TV devices and other Android versions, there are some compatibility issues. The next update will introduce official support for phones and tablets, including compatibility with Android 13 and 14 devices.”


I downloaded it on my PC and put it on USB and installed it on my trial of T95Z Plus, since it wasn’t being found or said it wasn’t supported in the play store that the troypoint link took me too via the website.

THANK YOU! I get tired of hearing it