Downloader ALWAYS says "An Unknown Error Occurred"

I’ve had this problem before on my Firestick 4k, assumed it was due to some update, so bought a Firestick 4k MAX like Troy always uses. Just got the email about Tvium, so decided to install yet. Same issue. Just so you know, I have Cox Gigabit service, MAX software version is, Developer options are ON, 1.48 Gb is still available, Surfshark is my VPN, ADB debugging is ON, Install Unknown Apps is ON for Troypoint, Surfshark, and Downloader.

I can’t believe the tvium site is NFG, any ideas what my issues are? Did I miss a setting?

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Use “home” in downloader. If you use “Browser” but have not added the browser “plugin” you will get that warning. AFTVnews is where you can get the plugin.

Sorry, that didn’t work. I did get the Downloader App from Troy’s link, it does have AFT news as the default URL.

Same, can’t get it to work

Are you referring to this? Please read the comments posted and the guide outlining this. Or is this going on with every code or link?

EVERY code and link I’ve tried, taken from the Troypoint emails, in the last 2 months. Code, link, whatever- anything that uses Downloader to get the apk is FUBAR’ed.

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You do have to turn on install from unknown apps each time you put on app that way, however, id uninstall the app, restart and renew your router then install downloader again using the rai and try again. something is going on here with your network as i dont have the same issues.

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