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Just wondering if any other APKs offer the choice of downloading VS streaming other than Cinema. I have a relatively slow internet connection and can’t stream without constant buffering.

If you have slow internet your chance are bery slim. You need at least 40 down.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

I’ve downloaded using FilmPlus. You may need real debrid.

If the internet/ apps on a FireStick are too slow, can you dowload to a device like phone or tablet using torrents, and then cast/screem mirror the show from the device to the TV or FS? That’s my favorite alternative to streaming. No need for real debrid to do so. Troypoint periodically puts out a list of best torrent sites for this purpose. You will also need an app like Bitorrent on the tablet to convert the download to the video format.

PS: if you go this route, make sure you install your VPN on the tablet and run it during the torrent download.

Thanks, I am currently using an NVIDIA shield with extra storage to keep everything local. The APKs just make everything convenient and clean. I have never tried a torrent site, I always keep the VPN running.

Take a look at this Troypoint video, then decide if you’ll use apps like Stremio, Cinema etc exclusively, or try torrents.

The upside of torrents is no buffering; no need for large storage on the streaming device

Downside is that you save the torrent downloads on a separate device, and cast/mirror them to a TV. I use my Android tablet, with a 256 Gb chip for the torrent storage, so no storage limitations. The torrents store in standard video formats, and I use MX Player from thd Toolbox to play. The tablet mirrors either directly to the Samsung TVs or to the Firesticks. I don’t know if Nvidia has mirror capability.

I am a big reader and I also use torrents to download books.

I keep a folder on the tablet desktop with browser shortcuts to each torrent site. Sometimes I have to search multiple sites to find the video.


Thanks so much for the info, I will have to give it a try.

When needed I d/l torrents onto my computer.
I set it up as a Plex server (TP has a guide for that, IIRC)
and play the content on the Plex app on my Android boxes.

Have you ever experienced a virus in a download?

TP-Dracoo, I have a quick question, which is the better way to go Syncler coupled with Real Debrid or Syncler +. Thank You.

No, I haven’t.
I do scan for them and I use a linux computer, which attract less mischief.

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