Does the age of a television affect streaming capabilities?

I have a 2010 Mitsubishi 82inch DLP television and am considering an upgrade. I’m concerned that changes in technology over the years has put me behind in the streaming arena. I’m using the 2019 NVIDIA Shield Pro. Most specifically buffering/freezing. I have high speed internet and even with my VPN on, I get more than 100 download speed, yet buffering/freezing is an issue when using sites with live television programming. Any useful suggestions or recommendations welcomed.

No, the age has nothing to do with it unless viewing quality…

Also look here

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

If its iptv check with your provider

I’ve got a 15 yr old Panasonic plasma 56" that is on at least 12hrs a day…streams from all devices -km2, onn, 4k firestick. No bufering. Had to put fan on the back of the tv years ago 'cause plasma is a “heater”

Hard wired or wifi? You have a top of the line box so that is checked off and the tv really has nothing to do with buffering so next is network and settings including vpn settings. Try different vpn protocols and if you have the vpn on a router you might want to try dns settings a bit. 100mb is plenty to stream 4k. Any idea what your upload speed is?(yes it matters). Also look at connections, hdmi cables matter lots…cat 6 or better helps…

Ron, I’m finding that wifi is faster than wired (depending on device). Are there other quality advantages to using wire other than expected speed?

I don’t think it was mentioned on the tips provided, but if you are using a flash drive for extra storage, make sure your live tv services are moved to the internal storage and not the external storage. Same with vpn. But move all the bloat that allows it and seldom used apps to external storage.

Ive done all the tricks to prevent buffering/freeze and find that it ends up being the fault of the app. Ive contacted my IPTV service and complained about the channels I watch buffering. Amazingly, the buffering stops (for a week or two anyway).

Don’t know why the second paragraph got lined out…ignore that.

You just said it “depending on device”. On my mecool km2’s they are faster on wifi due to the 100mb ethernet and wifi is not restricted. On my km6 which has a gig ethernet the eth is better…

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Yeah, I guess that is a disadvantage of the KM1 Deluxe I just received.

Wired will always be the most stable connection. Problem is, not all ports are gigabit, so if you have 500Mbps internet service, the wireless will be faster on speed tests.


Depends on just how old you are talking about, but I don’t think it matters too much as long as you have the proper connections. The quality of what you see may be affected by the old tech.

You can have the greatest, best, and most expensive audio receiver, but if you have cheap speakers. Then the quality of the sound is ultimately decided by the speaker.


Thank you to all for your comments and suggestions. I have tried a few and will see if anything improves.

I checked both wireless and wired speeds and wired was better by 50 mb than my 5G. I also switched my VPN and browsers to internal storage.

Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to a paid IPTV service and have been using USTVGO and DOFU Sports as well as the Crew on Kodi.

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