Does anyone know of a free epg other then github

Does anyone know of a free epg xml other then GitHub,
the free editors are to complex and the paid ones don’t have the missing ones,

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Not to be critical, but you do realize there are literally tens of thousands of free m3u’s as well as xml epgs. If you do a search you can find EPGs for everything from Samsung + to Redbox. So if you could focus your request, what EPGs are you looking for? :thinking:
Usi g the search I found the huge list Powerfader posted. Under popular links click the down arrow. Have fun and STREAM ON.

I’m looking for adult swim black Jesus, etc,
Roku crime and conspiracy , local now etc, xml’s

If its not legally obtained it cant be shared here. There is lots of stuff you should search, otherwise consider a paid provder or a tv and movies app with real debrid

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You can find some of those in the thread I linked to. If you do an online search for Local Now EPG XML, I found 12 urls in 10 seconds. So you can certainly test them out. Here is an example
Unfortunately you will have to install and test them to see if they are working and will update. And I agree with Dracoo completely, after recent events a legal paid service is the only safe option and all the rest will be beyond our ability to verify as outlined in Troy’s disclaimer, so search and use a VPN. Even then we all thought F2V was free, legal, and safe and look what happened there.


Thanks, Miki, I will give it a shot, but Ive been searching for weeks, and even tried EPG for IPTV and
and they just have the basics, I have tried and and and still no dice,

I do have a paid, but some of the free legal ones do not have some,

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