Do you use an AV Receiver in Your Home?

Yamaha RX-V577 receiver. Bose VCS-10 Center channel. Bose 301 front main with Polk audio 100 watt sub. Bose 201 rear speakers.

Forgot to say that it runs through 4 Pioneer CS-99a speakers, Polk center channel and subwoofer

Denon AVR-S700W through Polk Audio 5.1

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Hell ya,

9.2 120 watt per channel Denon Receiver…
Four Polk in ceiling Atmos speakers 2 way 8 inch woofers w/ 1 in. tweets 360° rotating
Center channel Definitive…
Definitive front left & right speakers
Rears Definitive
Two 12 in. Polk Individual Powered Subs 500watts RMS
Use a 3 Y connectors combine both Subs into 1 line in
One 10 in. Powered Sub Infinity 400 watt RMS

Look into audio settings on your devices, if using a Kodi build, apks, apps ECT…

System is awesome!!!

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Kind of on topic. is it best to plug streaming device (firestick or whatever) into the TV set or directly into the receiver (assuming the receiver is 4k cabable)?

Either should work. I have the latest Samsung top line soundbar and it has 2 HDMI in ports so I plug my Shield Pro onto one of the HDMI in ports, then HDMI eARC out to the HDMI eARC in on the TV. That’s it.

NAD with Energy 5,1 speakers