Do not use for a paid EPG service,

Its a waste of the 6 dollars I used on it, for a paid EPG, GitHub has more for free than they do for paid, they don’t even get back to your responses,
I should have bought a burger instead of wasting 6 Dollars,

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good to know. Never used a pay epg service before but something makes me think they just grab what you can already get for free if you dig enough. Kinda of a finders fee :eyes:

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I was looking to fill in some blank ones, but I only asked for one so far and they still haven’t gotten back to me ,
I also tried EPG for IPTV free trial a little better but free only gives you 50 per URL and not guaranteed to give all, depending on what country try this,


Give me a few minutes and I’ll put together a list of the free ones I have. Lots of typing so It’ll take me a bit.

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Your the best, Miki
Thank you so much, I do have a lot, do you know you can copy paste with Nvidia sheild app?, 13 6 19 19

Here are some of mine


Oh I used the ones you sent,

I kind of do not save the non Epg’s because into my favorites because I hate guessing whats on,

There’s a TV guide website Zap2it that has every TV guide for cable, satellite, don’t know if that would help you

I have it in my browser favorites,
but only has cable not OTA etc, ones

That’s both the playlist and the EPG
for just the epg.
US only

just epg:

just epg:

just epg:

just epg:

Watch your tv:
just epg:

Local Now
just epg:

just epg:

just epg:

Hero go tv:
just epg:

Acid Jesuz:




Unknown 2:

OTA 1:

OTA 2:


USA Regional

I have to type it all out on my phone. You have some ones that have been shut down and some dupes of mine. Between our two anyone should be able to get a %90 complete epg.

That should give you a great start on your EPG lists. Have fun and STREAM ON.


Thank You,Buddy
I will have fun trying them all, I hope some of mine work for you too,

Oh they will. I’m going to book mark this page and write down all the ones I don’t have from your list. This is a great combined resource. Tx for your input.


Can you narrow it down ?

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Do you mean the list I sent you? what my list?

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good epg’s are hard to find…do you mean narrow it up :rofl: :grimacing:

do you have Nvidia Shield and Tivimate?

As in what do you mean “narrow down” If using TiViMate you can add the epg to only the ones that do not have an epg:
long press in the guide on any channel that has “No information” this then opens an option window on the right, scroll down and click “Assign EPG”
let it do it’s search? and this can take a few minutes as you may have thousands of epg listings for it to go through, once loaded find the match in the list and click on the radio button to load your choice and then the guide should load on the left. Now this can take practice as a channel may have more than one listing? east or west? for example, so you have to figure out which one you have.

I copy paste from playstores color notes app and use copy paste to nvida shield app, no need to type it all in, I copy past from here to color note app, then to Nvida Shield app, to Tivimate, EPG source or playlist,

We have to watch these links guys. Only legal and properly obtained content can be listed. If this is thats fine. Just a friendly reminder

is Distro , WatchyourTV etc. without .xml in it?

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