Do I need to change routers

I am using a Firestick 4K with and attached jump drive for more storage. My router is and AT&T BGW210 and a Samsung 65" smart TV. My download speed is 754mbs which is way faster than I need but I get buffering on Prime. I was wondering if I needed to change routers or get a newer Samsung TV. I have complained to AT&T and they tell me it is my TV or my connection wire. Any thoughts from anyone.

With that speed streaming should be all good. As far as the router goes ive never heard of it but sounds like its the cable company router and I would change it just because of that but I dont think its your buffer issue, Process of elimination 1st try changing to a better hdmi cable… Look within your player for buffer settings and adjust to a higher setting(if possible). Also make sure the firestick is not over heating…there are many more things to check but this is a good start.


When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.


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