Diggz xenon matrix upgrade

Have diggz xenon matrix 6.0 on kodi19.1. Working well. How to upgrade to latest diggz version.

Can I do it without starting over ie deleting current Kodi build etc. Do I need to reestablish RD, anything else after?

Use the diggz wizard to update and it will give you the option to save settings ie debrid and traktv settings


I would use kodi 19.3 for the new version then do the setup.

As it’s been updated for 19.3. It’s better update and reset up real debird and such incase there is errors. It’s not to hard.


Thank you for the good advice. I thought that might be the better option but was looking to avoid the work

Didn’t realize was Diggz update?!?..though I had kodi ck everything for updates???.. perhaps this update is causing small issues to occur…?


Shouldn’t. I used it the other day no issues. Sometimes a fresh install and reprogram clears issues.


I’ve used diggz for a long time but the recent update rendered venom n fen on the rd section useless. Would t work but rd worked on the non rd section. Uninstalled and re installed a couple if times but still no joy.

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I have this installed and it’s working great. However, I have noticed that it takes up about a GB of space on my firestick. I really only use Seren and whatever add-on i need for live sports. The Crew also comes in handy for movies sometimes. I have noticed a lot of repositories on the build and add-ons too. Is there a “lighter” version that i could install, or can I determine what I can delete. Having this space will be helpful in not buffering when streaming.


Welcome to the community.

It’s always recommended on firesticka or anything that has limited space to use single addon only for kodi as it uses resources, builds use more.

Thank you for the welcome. So does that mean I should uninstall everything, go back and reinstall Kodi and just add the add-ons that I use?


I’d recommend it. Also make sure the fire stick is using the adapter so it gets power from the wall not tv

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I’m good on that part. Thanks for the advice.

I’ve used Diggz for months but have been disappointed… it will freeze or crash and takes a long time to load… just replaced is with the trancendent build and it works SO much better… Diggz was listed first on the builds list I saw but it probably should be at the bottom.

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Reopened as issue isn’t resolved.


Did you uninstall and reinstall with kodi 19.3 and use the upgrade?

just a little fyi as far as builds go. The doomzday repo sar far is very good and updated regularly. My sports101 build updated yesterday and is very nicely setup out of the box…l


I did not YET. My current system 19.1 and diggz 6.0, is working

Good to know there are options

Yeah, have the same thing, very “heavy”. I wonder on how properly get rid off the build and keep all addons. Would changing skin do that?