Diag mode:boot_completed detected

I meant like ProjectIvy Launcher. I get that same message on my Max11 tablet that I Googlefied using Fire Toolbox. I thought it had something to do with startup mechanisms for that launcher. I could be wrong, was just curious.

Tivimate is a player, but you can set it to boot on startup.

I agree, I think that popup does occur more often when using different launchers. However, it still has no ill effects.

Hey everyone,

That pop-up message is completely harmless and you can ignore it - it simply indicates that android properly told my Monitor Dot app that android has fully booted up, so it can start flashing the dot (if auto-start is enabled in the app).

Being able to have the user tell me that they see this message helps narrow down any reports of Monitor Dot not loading when the device boots up. This message is still currently helpful because I have recently seen a user report that the dot doesn’t appear upon bootup on an android box with the latest version of android on it. So, I am still investigating this issue.

Also, since this message is being triggered by android itself, I am surprised to hear that different launchers may effect if my app displays this message or not - which should not be the case - that message should be displayed regardless of the launcher used - so that is a new issue I will need to look into.

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Thanks for the explanation. Is the monitor dot close to going full release (as opposed to beta)?

There are still a lot of small, time-consuming things that need to be done for the final version.

Since this is a free app, I only work on it in my spare time between paying projects, so I don’t have an estimate right now of when I will be able to get everything done.