Developer Options Setting Removed by Amazon – What Happened?

Same Android stock enabler which is used to access Developer Options in the NVidia Shield.
In My Fire TV - Click on About 7 or 8 times in a row & you will be once again recognized as a Developer.


On AFTVNEWS their instructions are go to settings>My Fire TV> About>Fire Tv Stick 4K Max (this is my stick, your name may vary)> Click this name 7 times to activate developer options. Apparently this was done by Amazon to eliminate complaints from some users who had clicked on something that messed their sticks up, although god only knows what that click was.


Hi, I’m still running a 1st Gen Fire TV Stick (software version Fire OS (678752420) and the Developer Options had completely disappeared when I just checked…but after hovering over Fire TV Stick and clicking the OK button on my remote 7 times I got it back, no problem! Thanks Troy, you’re a star!


Thanks Miki, I still have 3x 4K Sticks but have otherwise moved on & haven’t yet touched a Max to know any of the new differences.

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1st gen ? Must actually be an early 2nd.
Reason I say this, the original 1st gen Sticks were incredibly slow & there was no way to access into the Stick unless flashed thru a computer. We had a lot of fun doing it in the Old Ancient Days when Firesticks were brand new & we were burning up a bunch of them trying to turn it into an unlimited streaming Stick.
None of the DeBloatware tools can access into a Gen 1 Stick. Short fat almost square remote & the Stick size is very different.
If you are able to use the Gen 2 Debloatware tool which closes 15 processes & apps, that particular tool is my creation entirely. I gave UK Tech Doc the entire procedure which I had been using for well over a year previously by hand.
My brother still has a few & we even have 1 of the square Sticks & I discovered how to DeBloat that item also & for quite awhile was alone until I placed the exact procedure online.
Unknowing to most, that square had the best processor of all the Sticks until the new 4K Max.
Welcome to the Community JaySKay, there are quite a few guys here who have acquired quite a bit of knowledge not limited to only Firesticks but to other Android base products & I am into the newer Google O/S Smart TV.

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There must be a way to get you an ONN. I just sent the X5 back to Canada. Can you order from Ebay? There is a seller on Ebay selling for 21.88 which includes shipping. If I can help you get the ONN let me know. I also went through Troy’s tutorial and have put it down on paper how to install the ONN sm codes.

My Max still has developer options.

Oh I can get one shipped here but by the time I pay exchange, taxes, importfees, duties, and delivery it will cost me almost $135/cdn.

:thinking: hmm didn’t even realize that stock was an issue! They “seem” to be plentiful at my store, tho I haven’t gone to check on em directly but it really does seem that they’re well in stock where I am!! If anyone looking for one I will verify and can send the zip code maybe :man_shrugging:t2:

Stock? Not sure what you mean, but I live in Mexico and Wally world doesn’t carry them here. Hence the exchange, duties , import fees, taxes and delivery.


Oic ok! Stock meant like it’s in stock at my wallyworld but yea I’m in Oklahoma!

How about Ebay? !!!

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The best box out there by a country mile is the latest Nvidea Shield followed closely by Formuler Z10 Pro Max.
My choice would be the Formuler.
Nvidea Shield is expensive as it can handle gaming but it’s way overpriced.
The Formuler has a big memory and is a beast of a box.

Took me forever to find one in stock. Plenty of the dongle ones

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Try the ONN and let me know how you like it.

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They do not want to get sued since that is the word of the day for greedy media companies. So they add all these stupid apps of their own that cannot be deleted and have taken kodi out of the picture on firesticks too. I am recommending set-top boxes now. Troy does a great job with keeping us up to date, I must say.

Not sure who is sueing who but kodi works fine on the 4K Max and the developer options are still there, they just added the old 7 click method to activate it similiar to Android TV boxs. This only happened on “some” sticks, my Max never lost it.

I have one iissue with formular and that is the use of mac address for an iptv option. The mac is a possible security issue. You can install your favorite apps but at first boot, it does directly to mac mode and you have to disable that to get in to apps mode

You dont need to use your mac for iptv. Just use tivimate, the built in player also uses m3u and extreem codes

Ive used a formuler and other options behond mac auth are availiable.