Developer Options Setting Removed by Amazon – What Happened?

The Developer Options setting has reportedly been removed by Amazon in its latest software updates.


anyone surprised? I expected it and if not now, soon


This is the exact reason I continue to fight with my buzztv box instead of plugging back in my cube.:sweat_smile::rofl::joy:


Thank you team, updated the sticky for firestick guides.

I didn’t get this update yet. Waiting for it.

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It looks like the same procedure as getting into developer mode with the ONN.

In effect here’s what one result will be:
Those people selling “jailbroken” FS’s will charge more money because of the “complicated programming needed”.

I’m curious to see what the guys selling $80 FS lites with Cinema and TeaTV are doing now.


PC also works well. You are right. There are many other options.


Haven’t seen this on the latest update to the OS6 devices (Firestick 4k) but it is on the latest OS7 device update (Firestick 3G).

That’s odd I got the latest update on my Max and the developer options are still there. Some have mentioned that you now go into “My Fire TV” click about and then click on your device name 5-7 times and developer options are enabled. Can’t say for sure as mine is still there.


Ours was still showing as well. Hard to say when Amazon will fully push out this update to all devices running Fire OS 7 or higher.


My theroy is its some sorta hiddin beta update.

It’s taken this long?:rofl::rofl:


I believe its the next fire update where the stick explodes with a quick notice to please buy a new stick :grimacing: :thinking: :joy:


Not me man. With everything they’re doing in their power to lock it down, I’m out. I wouldn’t spend a dime on an Amazon streaming product


I clicked on update and it was there.

I have the latest update on my max and developer options are still there

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I never like the firestick I have one and it’s closet

I absolutely love my 4K Max. It’s updated to without issue. Just did a component update and still have all the developer options. Rolled back the component updates. Still no loss of options or any negative impact. Free space is 3.08. RAM after running FTK is 808 out of 1150. So everything g2g. First run after a week of being shut down.


No changes after update on my Max and Sec. Gen Stick. vs.

Time to move on to the ONN box. If you can get one. The people selling on Ebay are buying them and selling them some time double the price at Walmart.

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Wish it was that easy. No access to an ONN here so no chance to test. But watching the threads with so many issues lately. Man these updates that so many top boxs and favourite devices that suppliers are rolling out that are causing issues lately. Oh well the old reliable Max at least for me, has no issues so far.