Crypto payments and learning

I use CashApp. Very easy


Paypal might be my answer.
Relatively recently, PP has added more crypto features that were not available when TP produced his video.

Coinbase will not accept either of our CCs. I don’t know if it’ll accept a prepaid debit card or not.

Cash App does appear to be easy, too like you said Mark…

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With coinbase requiring id, bitcoin payments are not truly anonymous and can be tracked. Since prepaid cards are generally not acceoted by IPTV services are people just using their personal CCs?

Is there any way to truly make an anonymous payment?

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Honestly, prepaid card is your best bet for that.

I get the Coinbase ID thing, but still think it is more secure than most. Prepaid is a great option too but kind of a pain to buy them lol. I just dont love using my regular credit cards and really not using my debit card that goes directly into my checking account.

My understanding is that bitcoin payment can be tracked. What makes you say its anonymous?

Nothing is 100% anonymous.

Abine Blur Review: Pay Anonymously Online and Secure Your Purchases (

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