Crypto payments and learning

Anyone who wants to discuss this should do it here in this topic, I made this so everyone can help each other when it comes to crypto, im seeing alot of people coming here new and old asking about it. So this topic is for that very reason. Please, lets keep the discussion here. I want people to learn and be safe using new things, so when it comes to payments lets discuss it here. I encourage anyone to post here with there help and tips. I will later on edit this topic into a guide. Troy has a coinbase tutorial btw.

Please see this guide.

Please read the above guide. Coinbase is a safe option. For those who dont want to use ID you can talk about it here. No ID bitcoin buy is a touch call, alot of places now use KYC, it means you need ID to buy and sell bitcoin. Im currently looking into ways without this step. I will update it when i have. Please read up on the troy guide.

Edit: Paxful allows you to buy without ID but you cant use the crypto in your wallet without ID so it defeats the purpose. I did not know about this until later on, im not sure if this was a new update or not. If anyone els knows anything feel free to let me know.

Shakepay is another good one, you need id but you can e transfer.


A good article asking the question. How Private Is Cryptocurrency? [It Depends]

Also, if you follow the link in the article, it directs you to another good read. GUIDE ON PRIVACY COINS: COMPARISON OF ANONYMOUS CRYPTOCURRENCIES


If you are in Canada and using coinbase it will not allow you to use prepaid cards btw, this includes koho. Canada has gotten the worst end of this. Also you cant use paypal to pay on coinbase only withdraw money, paypal also does not offer PP debit or card card in Canada. I switched banks and ran into this stupid issue my self so thought id give Canadians a heads up with coinbase.


My bank’s debit card is being blocked by the bank just to link my debit card to Cash App so I can then buy BTC to send. Also, if you have a card that charges you a monthly/annual fee. Then those types of cards are apparently a no-go for linking no buy BTC. And that’s right here in the heart of the Midwest!

I may call my bank and find out why they block my debit card. I really want to buy this very good sub but am having many difficulties in getting a transaction completed.

Im starting to see alot of banks refusing crypto from bank cards and cc. It’s really annoying, especially if you are ID verified…


How does one go about getting “ID verified” The CS service guy mentioned that, but I had no clue what he meant.

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Places like coinbase and shakepay now use ID, you need to submit government issued ID along with a photo of you to have access to cryto or buy and sell it. It’s apart of this whole kyc crap.

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Thanks, but seems to defeat the whole purpose of anonymity. and sound like a major hassle.

Oh well, guess I keep looking for a quality iptv that takes normal pymts.


May have to look at paxful. Found as you said. No way to buy Bitcoin without full identification and sharing ID to a random website for most. Looks like the regulator government is winning this to prevent payments via Bitcoin. Even considered a Bitcoin ATM as a start to get Bitcoin but seemed too complicated. Why can you not buy Bitcoin with a debit card ?

So is Bitcoin ATM or buy from a Bitcoin mining person the only way ? Seems a dead end

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Exactly what i keep saying. The government wanted control now they have it.

@Ellteejak I have to edit my topic, as i used paxful, i learned that you cant use your wallet without Id… even if you buy without it… really stupid move… So forget about paxful for now. When i find a way without ID i will edit the topic for now, read the guide and if you want to use it may need ID.


Thank you for doing this @TP-Dracoo. I am very reluctantly venturing into paying for a 2nd IPTV with Coinbase. I followed Troy’s video. Changes since the video (I assume) are that I was no longer required a picture of my DL. My ID was verified with the info I sent in. That went smoothly.

My first attempt to purchase 250.00 was declined; see below.

" Due to a suspicious activity warning, your purchase of 0.0144491 BTC on December 06, 2022 with DISCOVER BANK ******1194 was declined"

Please try your purchase again using a different payment method or to continue using this payment method, contact Coinbase support and ask for assistance. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I recall reading somewhere on this site, that that is typical. So then I thought I’ll do the more expensive debit card route Troy used. Problem: my bank account and therefore my debit card is Discover. They only accept Visa or Mastercard. I don’t have any other bank accounts. Does this mean that Coinbase will not allow me to transfer funds?

I am going to follow their suggestion and ask for assistance, but thus far, anxiety producing!

Firstly if your buying a month or 2 of iptv you dont nees that much. But thats your call. Coinbase only bank cards or credit cards. I dont know all the info or which ones are taken or refused. Have to call your bank or speak to crypto. This may be confusing to some but changes have been made and im unsure which ones are blocked.

All i know is captial one ctedit blacklisted crypto and coinbase wont take pre paid.

If you are just using BTC for IPTV IMO CashApp is the way to go. Download the App, link your Bank account, and only purchase the amount of BTC you need for the transaction. Then all you need is the wallet address the IPTV provider uses and you just sent the BTC from your CashApp Wallet to the providers wallet. Boom couldn’t be ant easier

Update: My transfer went through on the second try. I now own some crypto. I am confused by the amounts. I have to finish Troy’s video. I bought $250.00 because I will need that much to renew my IPTV (for a year) as well as renew Syncler in a month.

Crypto is suppose to offer cheaper rates. So once I actually try to pay my IPTV (another issue I am working through, sigh) I’ll find out if I transferred more money than needed.

My hope is that at the very least, my posted experience helps some other members who are hesitant to trying to use crypto in this way.

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Great! Just remember that BTC trades 24/7 so the price is always changing. Just be aware that 30 days from now whatever your crypto balance is will be able to purchase more or less than the value today depending on price fluctuations


I tried that route. My bank declined the link to Sash App. Then tried my Cap One CC and BTC declined.

Got a similar message from my bank that denadavidson99 received. I may call my bank to resolve that issue with them. Haven’t decided if the hassle is worth the iptv?

If I do this BTC BS and find success then I will at least do a 6-month sub, if not a year. Don’t want to keep hassling with a pymt option every month!

Thanks @MarkxG . That’s exactly what drove me crazy and created my resistance–the minute by minute change in the dollar amount! But, I figure the change +/- is usually minimal and I was just going to have to live with it.

@Powerfader I TOTALLY understand. Well if this all goes through, I will let everyone know. I will say this for us “seasoned” as (opposed to old), individuals: When I first began back in the day with Kodi, then on to other apps I was also a nervous wreck and resistant. It took me hours to get through a 15 min. Troy video! But with each success (thanks to Troy’s videos) I gained confidence. That is why I was willing to give crypto a go.

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It may depend on your bank, but I have a Capital One bank account and didn’t have any problem linking my bank account to my Coinbase acct. I also have a Capital One CC, but didn’t try using it.

Once the bank account was linked, I initiated the transfer of $60 while logged into my Coinbase acct. Went thru right away…no fees. Then I purchased $60 of BTC. The fee was 0.24 cents.

I plan on buying a 6 month sub with Kemo Sat tomorrow. They will calculate the amount of BTC and give me a window, I think about 8 hours, to make the transfer. So the BTC cost is locked in for that period.

So for example, if the IPTV provider tells me it costs 0.003529412 BTC, I can look at the most current BTC price and double check the conversion rate. Say BTC is currently trading at $17,000/BTC.

17,000 x 0.003529412 = $60.

I will cross my fingers for my transaction tomorrow. :smile:

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