Critically Low on Storage

Help! I have installed the new Kodi Diggz on my firestick. But after a few days I get a message that I’m critically Low on Storage. How can I fix this? The last it happened (last week) I had to do a factory reset!

Try deleting your cache and any unused apps look into something like sd maid pro or one of the other cleaners hope that helps you out

In addition to what Bigrich told you, if your streaming device is a Firestick 4K or 4K Max, you can connect a flash drive to it (requires an OTG cable) to expand your storage. While I don’t have Kodi installed on my Firestick 4K, I have many apps installed, yet still have 3+ GB of Firestick storage left (using an OTG cable/flash drive).


As the Firestick does have such little space I never recommend a full build, instead I recommend a fork and add just the addons you use. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So do you still have the full compliment of Amazon apps on your fire stick and you still get three MB of storage?


As the Diggz app takes up close to 1 gbs of storage, that leaves precious little free memory on the firestick. With only 8 gbs of memory and proprietary apps you can’t get rid of taking up close to half of the total memory, I would recommend that you buy an android or android tv box with at least 4gbs of RAM and 32 gbs of internal memory. That will solve your storage problem. As long as you are using a firestick only, you can’t get rid of the storage problem, especially when using it with a heavy kodi build like Diggz Xenon or the other kodi builds. Troypoint has some good reviews of recommended streaming boxes you can access on this site. Hope this helps.

Hey Bob
Have you had any issues with the flash drives?
I had one go bad about two weeks ago. This morning a different one on another Firestick went dark along with all the apps stored on it. The flash drive on this one appears to be okay but I have not been able to bring back up. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting, and turning the power off and on, but no luck.

I have a 4k Max and have no problem using a fork with just a couple of addons and a cleanup wizard. Open wizard. I have 3.0 GB of free space with Stremio, TiViMate, ProtonVPN on the Max. Added 16GB sandisk usb drive via a powered otg hub.

@topgun, on rare occasions, I have had a flash drive go bad, but it’s not a common occurrence. I use “imageUSB” to make a backup copy of my flash drive (after it’s all setup). Then, if something goes wrong, I can restore the drive. So far, I haven’t had to restore it, but hopefully, I can should I need to. If you’re interested, you can download it here: Download ImageUSB - MajorGeeks

@AJS1, yes I have the full complement of Amazon apps installed. Unfortunately, you can’t move the Amazon apps to the flash drive. However, if you have the flash drive setup as an internal drive, any app that you sideload to the Firestick will be placed on the flash drive, thus saving room on the Firestick. While some people here recommend putting video type apps on the Firestick itself, rather than the flash drive, I haven’t noticed any problems with having all the possible apps installed on the flash drive.

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The only time it becomes a problem using apps from the USB drive is if you have a very slow connection. Obviously accessing the USB from the firestick takes up resources. So lets say I have my favourite Movie app on the USB, I have to send a command from the stick to the USB drive, then wait for the drive to communicate with the stick, and then the stick to communicate with the drive, well you get the idea. Whereas if it’s on the stick then you communicate with it directly and data transfer is significantly faster resulting in less buffering and smoother operation. This, obviously, isn’t a concern when you are simply activating an app for a single function like doing a speed test. Who cares if it takes 2 seconds longer because it’s on the USB drive? But if this happens with say a live streaming app, that delay could result in issues. Now this certainly becomes less of a problem on high end devices with larger storage and more RAM.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


@Miki ,I understand what you’re saying, and it certainly makes sense. However, I haven’t had any problem with buffering on any app that I’ve used. I can only assume that the Firestick 4K, along with the flash drive that I’m using, are fast enough to not cause problems. I’ve been running this way for several years, and have a flash drive on all my Firestick 4K & ONN devices.

You must have good internet speeds, and good infrastructure, as I mentioned. I think I pointed out that problems will arrise on slower speed connections. You may not see any difference running apps from your usb, but not everyone will. I keep my resource intensive apps on my Max and secondary apps on my USB.

Yeah but bob, I have very few apps on my fire stick 4K Maxx and I only have 1.75 GB of memory left. There’s no way I can get mine to three megabytes that was my question to you how did you do it.?

Hey AJS1. I installed ES File Explorer and use it to return apps I don’t use, like Amazon Kids or music to “factory” which saves me a ton of space. Trouble is I have to do it after every “component” update. Not a big deal though. My suggestion is a cheap otg cable and Sandisk 3.0 USB drive. This will allow you to free up space on the Max by moving apps over to it from the stick. My Max stays at +3GB of free space.

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I already have a OTG cable with a 128 MB scan disk on it. It’s hardly ever used I don’t record as much as I thought I would. But I didn’t know you can make the Amazon apps back to factory I’ll give that a shot thanks.

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Oh by the way I switched from ipvanish back to surfshark and those little notification lights I was getting on my dashboard went away. I don’t understand what was causing them but once I switched to surfshark they went away… :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I can pm you instructions if you get stuck. I use a powered otg hub so I can use a mini keyboard on the Max. Makes life a lot easier.

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Okay thanks, Oh I need ten more letters :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Can you pm me the instructions please.