Crew Kodi Addon Not Working? How to Fix The Crew on any Kodi Device

Originally published at: Crew Kodi Addon Not Working? How to Fix The Crew on any Kodi Device

The following tutorial will provide fixes and solutions to the Crew Kodi Not Working. The Crew is one of the most popular Kodi Addons available today for streaming content including Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and more. If you are an avid Kodi user, you have likely come across this addon at least once. Because…



Thank you for the guide, what this guide does is essentially fix any breaks in the jnstall process or issues when something doesn’t load. Sometimes kodi just errors out and clearing data is a good way to say hey… enough. Lol.

Also I wanted to point out to users is:

Make sure you have the right version for the right addon

18.9 needs 18.9 version of crew or any addon need that version.

19+ needs the upgraded addon, the code has been changed. Just thought I make sure this is said. Troy’s guide as both version in his add on list.


The reason Kodi quit working was my Real-Debrid expired!

I know The Crew isn’t the ‘go to’ for Live TV and many use Tivimate etc. Considering how many issues and lack of maintaining the links within the IPTV section, it’s probably better if that section was removed. If there’s one element that lets the Addon down, its the IPTV section. Most times I read about an issue within The Crew, it’s the frustration people suffer using IPTV. No point tainting the reputation of a great addon with a constantly erratic IPTV section.