Crew Genre Am I Missing Something?

Running Kodi 19.5. When I look at Crew genre movies I see many pages of movies in the future. Any way to just show current films?

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Yeah its been discussed here before. I think it was a few places. Maybe by year too?

Thought I saw something before but can’t locate it. Maybe some one has a fix.

Curious. Why not 21 Omega? I’m a newbie.

Yeah a lot of the search areas in the Crew are broken and have been for several months. I’m sure if the dev was going to Fix it he would have by now. Umbrella is a great Addon and has tons of different Movie/Show searches

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I wonder this to myself often as I read Kodi posts here on the Insider. If a build or add-on hasn’t been updated to be perfectly compatible with the last two major Kodi upgrades/updates, I would say that build, add-on and developer should be trashed.

Thanks Mark. I will check out umbrella.

Some people are happy with the kodi that is working for them and dont want to risk updating.

Personally, I dont care i ran the 21 Beta just to check it out. You can always get an older version if kodi if needed.

For this problem though its not the kodi, its the addon. I dont use the crew too often so it doesnt affect me.

What Kodi add-on or build runs better in Kodi 19 versus Kodi 20 or Kodi 21? I am asking as I genuinely do not know. Might help me understand why we have people refusing to update and then expecting us to help fix issues that upgrading would have solved.

Great question and i cant answer as i update as soon as the build i use is compatible. Which is usually pretty quick.

I dont understand why they hold onto the older kodi but there are people that do.

The only time an update had an error for me was 20.4 when the onn and some other devices couldnt use the select button. I just reloaded 20.3 until 20.5 fixed the issue.

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I could be wrong but don’t think any Addons are working in 19! Nobody should be on 19 or 20. But it’s human nature. People in general hate change but in this hobby that’s akin to death. You gotta be nimble. Thank god when an Addon dies (for whatever reason) there’s plenty of others that work. Most of these Addons do the exact same thing - some have more options but if they work they work. I always have 2-3 Addons in my Build that work so if one dies - and it will I have 2 others

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I have not updated because i kind of live by if its not broken dont fix it. I guess you all are saying when new becomes available old starts breaking down. I guess its time! Thanks all.

Yes, I had that happen with both Crew and Coalition. I posted on here a couple of months ago about it but no one seemed to have the same issues. It comes and goes and I haven’t had it happen for a few weeks but it’s maddening when it does occur. Tried diff. settings and checked my RD subscription but everything seemed ok.

Did you see the post i linked above that you started back in April? People, including myself, responded.

I found nothing wrong with Coalition but saw your issue with The Crew.

And @MarkxG actually had an answer for you. It seems there was an issue with how IMDB mapped the results from where Crew was pulling from. Crew never fixed the issue.

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Thanks for this info. I am seldom on here so never saw it.

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I just bit the bullet and updated to 21 and added my first ever build. Always just used addons before. Added Diggs. Lots more to learn!