Crew and Real- debrid

I have been trying to find TV episodes and Real Debrid doesn’t come up with any streams. Why can’t I find and current shows. I see the episodes but nothing scrapes up.


Has anyone a solution why these shows aren’t coming in? Do I have a settings issue? All other shows movies etc are fine just these ones I can’t get any links.

Following. I am having the same problem.

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I think the best way to gain access to these may be more like a VOD share. Also, Youtube seems to have a decent amount of them. Type in “full episodes” and spits back a decent amount of them. Not sure if that helps, but yea unfortunately, RD does have its limitations with older stuff. Could try a different add-on or streaming apk that utilizes Real Debrid to see if it will scrape more stuff than Crew. Also, could try Orion…never hurts to have an extra source option.

Tried Seren also, these are current shows not old seasons, 2023 season.
Just strange that these just don’t scape any streams.

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I will try Orion next…thanks

I am not home from work yet, but will try on all of my apks/add-ons and report back later tonight.

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Thanks I am also looking at current 2023 shows. Will try some other options as well.

You are right, it does seem challenging to find streams for the newer episodes. Even my VOD only has through season 31 of Dateline, it is on season 32. Youtube has honestly been the best in having those, unless you wanted to pay for PeacockTV or something like that.

Thanks for checking it out and it not just an issue for me, looks like the You Tube will be the source of watching these one….

Samevthing with Stremio. Episodes through season 31 but starting season 32 no sources. odd.

A lot of TV shows have been postponed due to the ongoing actor’s strike in HollyWEIRD.

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These have been aired shows as usual, just RB doesn’t scape any streams

Been having same issue and I keep seeing this come up. Something’s not right

Have been having the same issue with new Walking Dead episodes. It shows only 1 stream coming up, where there is usually at least 12 or more, and that link never works.

Exactly not sure where the problem if it is RD or the Addons.:slightly_frowning_face:

With my issue, it’s Crew because i don’t have RD.

If you are using The Crew without RD it certainly is your issue. As has been pointed out several times in this forum if you are using KODI without RD you are just wasting your time as you will be hard pressed to find consistent playable streams. some have talked about an Addon named Scrubs2 that seems to function without RD but I have never used it. I pay the few pennies/day it cost for RD and have been using The Crew and 9lives Addons in a Build with RD and Trakt for years

Have been using Crew for years as well with no issues. This issue is new.

It’s not just crew it’s with a bunch of them Cinema, Stremio, Seren….seems to be a scraping issue

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