Crew and Real- debrid

I am using RD and even tried AllDebrid with crew, Seren, stremio, and even cinema and can not scape any of the Dateline current shows that have been broadcast or even 48 Hours as well.

I saw your post last week on this. Unfortunately for some shows there just are not any streams. This is not a RD or Crew issue. I believe this was answered for you last week. No streams on Streemio either. You will need to have access to the Networks that these are aired on. Perhaps a paid IPTV service that carries these Networks

Yes, I saw that last week, but everyone replies and says they have the same issue etc…just answering back. But strange why it is only some series that don’t scape.

If you use add-on release bb .It will play current episodes of dateline, also will play other shows that other add-ons will not. If you have add-on release bb, open it go to search type in dateline. Then back out of release bb. Open release bb again go to search open dateline and all current shows will be there. Remember release bb only works if you have real debrid.

Thank you, this is what I was looking for. I figured someone had the right information and add on insight to make this work and find what I was looking for. Perfect, just added BB and all good. Thanks again🍻

I have 4 or 5 tv shows that no longer work in any add-on but for some reason they all work in release bb. Let’s hope this continues

What is release BB? Addon?

Its a kodi addon for movies and tv shows. Heres the repo source if ya wanna add it to kodi.

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I have found out over time that even if a show has many seasons that populate with all the info, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to watch because there are no streams. I think all the info comes from IMDB or ?. YouTube does have episodes that I go to. The worse are the ones that play for awhile then buffer like crazy. Sometimes having RD doesn’t help

Followed your instructions to a ‘T’ and I can’t get past “Enter the code” on the Real-Debrid | Application Authorization link. Always a 4-digit code and always rejects. I receive “Invalid device code, it may have expired” regardless of the seconds it takes to input. And yes, I have a prem. acct., which I purchased via the link on your page, What am I missing or what am I doing wrong?

Make sure you’re not trying to authorize the wrong service. I’ve never had a 4 digit code for RD it’s always 8


I was having the same issue. The problem is that when you select "Universal Resolvers 2 as Troy says to do, “” comes up as the 1st choice for (Re)Authorise My Acount. You need to scroll down further to get to Real-Debid menu and then select (Re)Authorise My Acount as Troy shows.


Because people say it’s our device and others are having the same problem. I did some searching, and seems everybody had this problem back to 2021. On TROYPOINT and Reddit so far. The same issue

I’m using the Crew addon on the Superman build. I have authorised real debrid and it works until the next time I open a crew link and it asks me to reauthorise my real debrid account. It does this each time. I’ve tried reinstalling Kodi and the superman build but nothing seems to help.

I’ve searched and I can’t find any up to date help or posts about this. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

That is Very strange. I have never seen this. Are the other Addons in the Build doing the same thing? I’d use another Build or just use the Crew without a Build. But so many great Addons. Um brella, and homelander just to name a few

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Are you using a cleaner add-on that might be wiping that information out each time you login?

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Not deliberately, but now you say that something does come up each time that I’m sure it mentions cleaning. I’ll have a look at what it says and see if I can stop it cleaning this data.

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