Creating a Kids Tablet

For Christmas this year, I was hoping Santa would create a kids tablet for my son. He just turned 4, and until now has been using the Kids Fire Tablet (too much Amazon junk to click). I would like to start from scratch, pick an “adult” (non-Amazon) tablet (smallish in size), install a safe case, install a parental control software, and hopefully customize the tablet with some type of launcher for him.

Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations on any of the steps above would be greatly appreciated.

I bought my 4 yr old granddaughter a tablet specifically set up for her age group and already had some fun stuff loaded and was built within a protective case.

Don’t go overboard because they will soon outgrow this and want better.

I think the one I got her was about $40 bucks?

Did it have a parental control software, like the Amazon Kids?

Yes, it could access the internet and had parental locks in place.

Tbh, that tablet was a toy. It was meant to be used as a toy for educational and entertainment purposes. I doubt seriously if she uses it now, or even has it anymore. She’s in 1st grade now and all grown up! lol

Buy a decent tablet when he gets a little older. The tech changes soooo fast that by the time he enters school the tablet you buy today will be obsolete.


Walmart has the lenovo 8 inch android tablet on sale right now for $79. One heck of a tablet and all metal, no plastic 32gb


Is it possible to install and use a custom launcher on an Amazon Kids Tablet?

Doubt it. Amazon made it so you can’t change much. I did on my Fire HD Tablet using the Fire Toolbox right before Amazon eliminated that ability to wipe Amazon stuff.

Btw, I installed the Nova launcher when I did the Fire Toolbox thing.

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The truth is I need to decide if I want to keep paying monthly for the Amazon Kids software. I was looking through his tablet (while he was sleeping haha), and seems like it works well enough for him at the moment. Amazon Kids does have a way for parents to see how much of each app he is watching/using, so I can monitor. But he is still too young to really understand YouTube and the offensive stuff it can provide with searching, so I really haven’t utilized the monitoring part of the software. I told Santa maybe we could create the same type of system (in an Android tablet), but still allow me to possibly use a custom launcher to organize his apps and videos. One of the biggest things I hate about the Amazon portion is that it always seems messy and unorganized. Like icons are “thrown aboot” as our Canadian friends would tell me.

I would think if you got a real Android tablet you could install a custom launcher but be prepared to spend a heck of a lot more money for it! : Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra | Super AMOLED, 120Hz, HDR10+ 14.6" Screen | 128GB 8GB RAM | Graphite : Electronics

Picking up my Galaxy Tab s8+ on Monday. Here it’ll cost me about $1000 CDN.

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They’re nice, but the cost is through the roof!

That Amazon Kids monthly subscription starting to look better and better! :rofl:

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yeah, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a child’s tablet. Spend that kind of money when he is in college!

Although, there are much cheaper alternative out there. I just don’t know if you can mod them in any way?

Wait until Black Friday and shop around!

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I know. But it has all the toys and it’s the wife’s christmas present

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Happy wife

How about samsung A8, wally world has them for $139?

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